Sacred Dance Fusion

Jaime Tam
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Bellydance

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This is a 60 minutes all levels fusion dance class that combines african, bellydance and serpentine movement to form a very enjoyable workout. The sections are:
Swele Belly - a warm up for the shoulders, hips and upper back
shimmer & bliss - belly dance shimmy moves for the shoulders and hips
Saging space - a combination of simple african dance moves
serpent't trail - another warm-up for the spine and arms
exhilarate - fast paced african dance moves.
hipnotic- belly dance hip drops. fast movement
temple dance- cool down
gypsy waters- more belly dance hips and standing abs
wind sung- using silk scarves in a free dance.

The music is very good and rhythmic. It is a very good workout. Each segment is about 5 minutes long. My only complaint is that I wish the segments had been longer. Jaime, the teacher is joined by 2 female students. The setting is a well lit dance studio and one outside scene. You can get this at or I really enjoyed this dvd and I am not a fan of belly dance, but I love the fusion of belly and african dance. I hope that she makes another dvd that is longer and more advanced.

Instructor Comments:
Very pretty woman. Great dance form.