Core Firing Sequence Method

Lindsay Brin
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Abs/Core

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In this workout, Lindsay takes you through three progressive 7-8 minute workouts that are divided into 3 phases for a unique program. Great instruction and each phase is enhanced from the prior phase, which is very beneficial for beginners who are new to core training or those wanting to really enhance their current abdominal workouts.

Lindsay demonstrates non traditional exercises that are deceptively hard and really challenge the abdominal region effectively. Lindsay also offers "homework"--she will show a move that the viewer is to "work on" that once mastered helps to ensure a strong mid section.

She trains the pelvic floor area as well and offers up a 3 week "slimdown". You can choose to follow that or do any of the sequences as "add ons" to your regular core routines.

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