Shed 5 Fast

Lindsay Brin
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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I got this DVD at Dollar Tree! I didn't know what to expect, but hey, it was a dollar. ;) Turns out that it was a pretty good pickup for me, as it offers simple, kickboxing-inspired cardio segments mixed with toning intervals. You get two workouts of about 30 minutes each. Brin refers to a workout calendar on her web site, but this seemed to be app-based--I don't have a smartphone, so I wasn't able to access it. (I wish she had provided an alternate format.)

Denise has provided detailed breakdowns of both routines, so I'll just provide a brief overview of each workout. Brin offers live instruction and is joined by two background exercisers, Tara, who shows easier versions (but does not modify for impact), and Amy, who steps things up a bit.

WORKOUT 1 (31:06 minutes)
The warm-up consists of plies, pelvic tilts, and bob and weave. Brin definitely places an emphasis on the abs/core, and she talks about moving from the core throughout both workouts. Each toning segment begins with core--in the first segment, it is a standing knee strike. This is followed by weighted work for the shoulders and triceps. The first kickboxing interval builds up from a jab-jab-speedbag, adding twist back-front, and then squat-double knee; it's repeated several times. The next toning segment starts on the floor for abs work, then stays on the floor for triceps dips. Coming to standing, Brin cues a slow lunge-plie-lunge series for the low body, and then it's time for the second cardio interval, which is the same jab-jab-speedbag sequence on the second side. For the third toning segment, it's back to the floor for more core work, this time punching in a v-sit position. The standing work includes plies with weighted sweeps and twists. The next kickboxing segment includes a roundhouse-punch down, jumping jacks, and cross punches-knee. The final toning segment again starts on the floor, this time for planks with a twist. This is followed by side leg lifts (still on the floor) and then additional abs work, and then Brin repeats the roundhouse-punch down kickboxing segment on the second side. The cool-down is standing and consists of basics stretches. Although Brin recommends having 2 sets of dumbbells at the start of this workout, only 1 set is used.

WORKOUT 2 (32:35 minutes)
Again, only one set of dumbbells is used for this workout. It's a bit more intense, with more compound movements. The warm-up includes quarter- and half-squats; Brin also adds in an oblique crunch, bob and weave, and cross-punches. The first toning segment begins with core work on the floor and includes both plank and push-ups. Returning to standing, Brin works both upper and lower with a squat with overhead press, adding in rear lunges; this series is repeated several times. The first kickboxing interval starts with the oblique crunch and adds knee-back kick, corner jabs, and squat-roundhouse-squat; again, Brin builds up to the whole sequence. For the next toning segment, Brin holds one weight for side oblique work, then both weights for triceps kickbacks while holding a warrior 3 balance. The toning work finishes with alternating arms overhead, and then the first kickboxing interval is repeated on the second side. The third toning segment starts with fast cross punches to the front and down to work the core. Next Brin does "screamers"--basically, knee repeaters adding a jump, although she doesn't explain this very well. The last toning move is "lumberjack," a squat swinging the weight forward/overhead, eventually adding a jump. The third kickboxing segment is forward-facing and includes high=low punches to either side, double knee, speedbag, and jumping jacks. The final toning segment starts on the floor for "tricep rockers," a plank with rocking. Next, side plank, adding thread-the-needle, and hip drops; after repeating on the second side, finish with bicycles. The last kickbox sequence has high low speedbag and knee repeaters (it feel like Brin ran out of ideas here). Similar to the first routine, a few standing stretches conclude this workout.

Brin's workouts are geared toward new moms. Since I'm not a new mom myself, I was grateful that she didn't spend workout time talking about these issues. These are nice, basic routines that are probably best suited to high beginner-low intermediate, but experienced exercisers like myself should have no problem modifying to up the intensity if needed.

Instructor Comments:
I found Brin to be generally likeable. For the most part, she offered effective mirrored cueing. There were a few places that I thought her choreography choices felt a little awkward, but overall, I thought she did a nice job.

Beth C (aka toaster)


This dvd contains 2 workouts, each consisting of a 3 minute warmup, 24 minute weight loss challenge (Workout 1) or 24 minute interval burn (Workout 2) and a 3 minute cooldown to conclude. These 30 minute workouts use 3 sets of weights, light/medium/heavy, depending on the viewers level of fitness. Lindsay also has 3 levels being demonstrated: Lindsay is demonstrating at an intermediate level, Tara is showing beginner modifications while Amy is stepping up for the advanced participants.

Workout 1:

Starting with plies, you'll then do some pelvic tilts to warm the lower abdominals. The next move is a walking plie, dragging the outside leg in to meet the other. Bob and weave is next. Lindsay then adds a twist to warm the obliques. Repeater knees each side continue to get the blood flowing. Next up is a boxer shuffle into a knee strike. The knee strike this time through is done slower and more controlled to really work into the sides of the waist. Light weight work for the shoulders, chest and triceps are added next. You'll remain in a plie position and perform forward raises into a chest fly. Next you'll do a few tricep extensions. The next move is a sweep move for shoulders and then you'll perform bicep curls. Jab, jab speed bag begins the next cardio segment. Following this is a twist forward and back and then hooks. Big squat, double knee continue the combination. This is the entire combo and you'll perform it several times on that side. Next you'll move to the floor for some core conditioning. Lindsay provides good form pointers to ensure safety and enhance benefits. After one set of abs, you'll perform some tricep dips on the floor. Next you'll stand up for lower body toning. You'll perform a lunge, then a plie and you'll keep going through them steadily. (keeping heart rate up) Next you'll perform the jab, jab speed bag series to the other side. The next toning segment begins with core work on the floor again. You'll be in a leaned back position and do punches to work the obliques. Following this you'll stand and do plie sweeps holding one weight. You'll add a twist component to work the core. Kickboxing is next and starts with a roundhouse kick and a punch down to the floor. Jumping jacks follow. Cross punches are next. A knee with 4 punches down and a clap finish the combo. Pushups follow. These are different because Lindsay throws in a side plank on the up motion of the pushup. At the end of the sequence, you'll hold a side plank and perform side leg lifts with the top leg (tough!). Stretch briefly then perform the pushup sequence to other side. Ab work follows. Toe dips really work the lower abs. You'll then perform the kickbox roundhouse series to the other side. The completes the core of the 1st workout. Lindsay brings you down gently in the cooldown.

Workout 2:

Quarter squats begin the warmup. You'll only need 1 set of weights for this particular workout. Next is a moving side to side squat followed by bob and weave. Next is a standing oblique crunch. Bob and weave again but this time Lindsay adds punches. You'll move through the various punches and then perform a jump rope to complete the warmup. The 1st move of the Interval Burn workout begins lying on your stomach. You'll then then move into plank. (the girls demonstrate various levels of difficulty) Pushups follow and you'll do a set of 15. Stand up and grab your weights. Perform a double squat with overhead press and then move into alternating lunges. You'll do this sequence 3 times. Kickboxing is next. You'll begin with an ab crunch move followed by a knee and back kick. Jab move to each corner. Squat, roundhouse, squat and hold. Once you've learned the sequence you'll run through it several times on that side. Jump rope. Grab one weight to work the abs from a standing position. Hold the dumbbell overhead and bring the knee on the working side up to meet the elbow. (you should feel a "crunch" in your side obliques) Grab other weight and you'll know perform tricep kickbacks balancing on one leg. Next you do a move that is like swimming with the arms. Now you'll perform the same move kickbox choreography working the opposite side. Once that is finished you'll move 4 cross punches and 4 punch downs. Jump rope. Screamers are next. This move is actually a jumping knee pull. Next grab one weight and do a lumber jack move. Following this you'll perform a squat and "jump" up and swing the weight up. The next kickbox sequence follows. You'll begin with high/low punches, performing them first to one side then the other. Double knee each side follows. Speed bag for 2 and then 2 jumping jacks. March it out and then bring it to the floor for "triceps rocker". You'll begin in a plank in a triceps "hold" and then "rock" your body back and forth to isometrically tone and tighten the triceps! Then you'll move into side plank. You'll thread the needle and lower the hips back to floor. Boomerangs follow and then repeat side plank to other side. Bicycle crunches are next. One last kickbox segment follows. You'll repeat the last sequence you did but add a high/low speed bag onto it. Bob and weave starts to bring the heart rate back down. You'll then add a twist. March it out and prepare for cooldown. Lindsay performs a few stretches to loosen you out and conclude the workout.

Instructor Comments:
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