Dance Jam

Lindsay Brin
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Dance Jam is a stand alone 42 minute workout that includes 2 express options: 24 minutes that does not include the "halftime" segment and 32 minutes that does include it. One modifier, Tara, demonstrates beginner modications if and when necessary. The workout is very core intensive as you'll be moving from the core the entire time so you'll tighten and tone that area as a bonus!! The music is pretty rocking! The workout is low impact and fun, makes you feel like a cheerleader at halftime!

Lindsay starts with a knee pop which is basically a small bounce move. This move also serves as a "holding spot" between each piece of a combo as you are learning it. Lindsay teaches in taking it from top style--she'll teach the 1st part of the combo, repeat it, demonstrate the next, repeat it and then repeat combo parts a & b from the beginning, doing this until all parts of the entire combination have been demonstrated. Then you'll run through the entire combo a couple of times before throwing that one away and moving onto the next combination. The workout continues with a punch and knee up. This is followed by hip pops and hip circles. The Patrick move follows. (the combos may sound intricate but Lindsay first goes slowly through each move ensuring you've got it before picking up the pace) Arm swing with a pump is next. Chug, 10 hut, body roll follows. Then you'll add back the punch and knees from the warmup. The next combination begins with the roll and chicken wing. The roll is like speed bag arms. Push, push, funky shoulders, run. (again, the combos's sound hard but Lindsay's take it easy approach will have you getting it in no time plus like she says "if you don't like something, you don't have to do it") Hips, hips, double hips. The 3rd combination begins with a step and "butt pop". Hop, turn to sexy back, hip/hip, walk it around to the front. Touch down follows. Next combo begins with 2 touch downs, turn, wash your hair and snake it around. (very sexy like) Half time is next and Lindsay teaches you a faster paced combo slower at first but then you'll pick it up for just a brief amount of time to get the heart rate up (like the cheerleaders would do during halftime!). Next combo starts with the towel it off, double knee, plie. Then you will add look together, look together to each side. Plie, bounce in/out knee up. Snake slow side to side with clap. Push, 3 knees in (called Marco Polo). Swing forward cross & throw. The next move, Booty Drop, is a very deep squat and Lindsay offers safety tips for those with knee issues. This is followed by hip shakes, knees in and out. The final combo begins with snazzy shoulders and adds on raise the roof, walk it around in a circle and finishes with strike a pose. A nice stretch cooldown concludes the workout.

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