Partner Medicine Ball

Mindy Mylrea
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Instructional / How To Videos , Sports Specific Training

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This dvd has a great collection of Partner med-ball exercises. It's not a "follow along" type of workout program, rather it's purpose is to demonstrate a wide variety of ideas that can be utilized with two people working together with a medicine ball.

I was interested in this for my work as a personal trainer and I got a tremendous amount out of it. In fact, I use things I learned from this program all the time with my clients.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the program that can be used to see what's on the dvd and also as a reference for those who already own it.

Notes: 1. Work progressively: Start w/ base move then add on different components when they get better.
2. In terms of intensity, first add speed then the weight of heavier medicine balls.

Note: I made up a lot of the names based on the execution of the exercises, Mindy doesn’t always give a name to them and I wanted a way to catalogue them.

1. Chest Pass Use legs bending and extending to assist w/ movements. Turn the palms toward your partner as you throw the ball back to them.

2. Underhand Throw In bent over squat position. After catching the ball, bring it back through the legs, continuing the line of the movement before you change direction and swing it forwards and release. Aim for your partner’s belly button

3. Overhand Throw Ball starts behind head in a triceps extension position. Try to throw the ball above your partner’s head. Your partner should receive the ball with their arms extended upwards above and just forward to their heads.

4. Lateral Throw Using torso rotation. Ex. Rotate starting from the right side, turning to the left as you throw the ball. Keep your knees bent and rotate the torso as you catch the ball, then rotate the other direction to throw the ball back to your partner.

Note: You can be face to face or side to side w/ your partner.

5. Pass Combination Four Chest Passes (facing each other)
Four Side to Side (facing the same direction shoulder to shoulder)
Four Over the Head (facing each other)
Four Side to Side (other direction from previous side to side)
Four Underhand Throws

Note: as client gets more comfortable, add speed and eventually weight.

6. Chest Pass w/ Agility

a. Pass 3Xs, then switch places with the partner by each running to the others spot, turning around as you approach the new position.
b. You can also do 3 passes and switch places, but move to the other spot in an unpredictable way so that each person has to react w/ agility to avoid running into the other person.
c. Do same w/ only 1 pass.

Note: for the pass, you can be in either a lunge or squat (aka “straddle”) type of a stance.

7. One Arm Throws You can either throw the ball laterally (ex. Standing w/ your partner directly to your left side, you’d throw the ball w/ your right arm (sort of like a “Hook shot”). Squat as you prepare to throw and then throw as you rise up from the squat position. You can also face your partner and throw it to them (sort of like a “shot putt“).

Note: The person catching the ball should use two hands to catch.

8. Lunge-Throw Toss the ball over head as you lunge forward.

9. Squat and Throw Squat down, then toss the ball as you rise up.
Var. Jump up and toss (like a “jump shot”)

10. Long Distance Power Throw Have client throw the ball “full-on” from a distance. Trainer should let the ball bounce before catching it. To execute this have the client move into a lunge and the ball is thrown. Start w/ the ball behind the head, w/ bent elbows (as if doing a triceps extension) and then throw the ball as you move into the lunge.

Var. You can also do a squat and jump as high as possible as you release the ball.

11. React/Shuffle/Toss Client shuffles from side to side, reacting to where the client thinks you’re going to throw the ball (as you move the ball from side to side the client is mirroring your movements and then has to react to where the ball is actually thrown). The ball can be thrown in the air or rolled along the ground.

12. Partner Shuffle-Pass Shuffle sideways (facing each other and mirroring the movement) as you toss the ball back and forth.

13. Partner Run/Back Pedal-Pass Partners run forward together (side by side) while passing the ball, then back pedal doing the same thing.

14. Running Alternate Forward Toss (Mindy calls this “Fartlek Training” note: Fartlek training is sometimes referred to as “speed play”, which is a non-structured interval training approach) Both partners are running. One runs a bit forward and their partner passes them the ball. Then the other person runs forward to receive the ball. Note: Don’t run too far forward in order to receive the pass.

Var. Run for 5 seconds then toss the ball.

Note: This exercise can be done groups of partnered clients w/ the trainer overseeing the group.


1. Reverse Seated BOSU Ball Toss Client sits w/ their back to the trainer. They then throw the ball backwards over their head to the trainer (who hands the client the ball to repeat the exercise)

Var. Toss the ball with one hand at a time.

2. Seated BOSU Lateral Throw Seated so that the clients is sideways to the trainer, the ball is tossed back and forth w/ the client using lateral rotation to throw and then return to the starting position after they catch the ball.

3. Seated BOSU Chest Toss Client is seated on BOSU as the ball is passed back and forth.
Var. Lift and hold one leg off the ground during the exercise.
Var. Bring both legs off the ground
4. BOSU Chest Pass w/ Knees on BOSU Client knees on BOSU as ball is passed back and forth.
Var. Lift one knee off BOSU dome.

5. BOSU Lateral Throw w/ Knees On BOSU Dome Client kneels on the BOSU w/ their side to the trainer.
Var. Lift one knee off the BOSU dome.

6. BOSU Push-up-Ball Toss Client kneels on BOSU. They then fall forward and do a plyometric type push-up
(pushing back up forcefully to the upright position). As the client comes up to their knees the trainer throws the ball. The client tosses the ball back (chest pass) to the trainer as they move into the next push-up etc.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1. Partner Supine Chest Pass Trainer straddles client (standing over their hips facing them). The trainer hands the client the ball and then the client does a chest toss back up to the trainer.

Var. Drop the ball to the client instead of handing it to them.
Var. Trainer stands on a block behind the client and drops the ball, the client tosses the ball back plyometrically.

2. Hamstring Flick Client lies prone. Trainer rolls the ball from the buttocks to heels, then clients quickly flexes the knee to flick the ball up.

Note: Be careful not to let ball shoot through the trainer’s leg and hit the client in the head.

3. Shin Flick Client sits on the BOSU. The trainer places the ball on top of the clients feet. The client then flicks the ball up to the trainer.


1. Seated Chest Pass Partners sit facing each other as you do chest passes.
Var. Each partner lifts up one leg (then the other)
Var. Lift up both legs

2. Sit-up/Chest Pass From a seated position, lie back and touch the ball to the ground over head. Then as you sit up bring the ball to the chest and toss the ball to your partner. Wait in that position as your partner does the exercise and tosses the ball back to you etc.

3. Seated Lateral Partner Ball Toss Partners sit side by side. The partner w/ the ball rotates laterally to touch the ground of their outside hip and then tosses the ball laterally across their body to their partner (who does the same exercise and tosses the ball back laterally).

Var. Lift one leg (then the other) Var. Lift both legs Then switch sides.

4. Seated Partner Lateral Throw Partners face each other from a seated position. One partner brings the ball to the outside of their hip and then tosses the ball to their partner who does the same movement and tosses it back.

5. Partner Chest Pass On Knees Partners face each other from kneeling position and passes ball from chest.
Var. Lateral Chest Pass on Knees (partners facing each other).

6. Partner Push-Up and Pass Start with both partners on knees. One client throws the ball and then falls into a push-up (on their knees) and pushes up. As then are upright the other client tosses them the ball and falls into the push-up position.

7. Standing Back To Back Torso Rotation Ball Pass Stand back to back as you rotate and hand-off the ball from one side then the next.

Note: Figure out who will have their hands “up and down” or “side to side” for a smooth transition.
Note: Bend knees as you move to facilitate rotation.
Note: If you can, use partners of similar height.

8. Over and Under Partners stand back to back. One passes the ball under and between their legs to their partner. The partner who receives the ball then brings it up and overhead and passes it back to their partner etc.

Note: Start slowly and add speed as appropriate

9. Partner Back to Back Torso Rotation Ball Pass Partners sit back to back and rotate laterally to hand off the ball to each other. Then do it moving in the opposite direction.

10. Plank-Ball Trap and Roll Client is in push-up position. Trainer rolls ball, client then “Traps” the ball with one
hand and rolls it back to the trainer.

Var. Do a push-up with one hand on the ball before rolling it back.

Note: Client can be on toes, knees (or on the BOSU in either position).


1. Medicine Ball Squat Squat while holding med ball on chest or behind head (my note: or other variations like adding rotation etc.)

2. Shuffle w/ Medicine Ball Shuffle side to side while holding medicine ball by sternum (my note: you can also
move the ball forward and back, or up and down etc.)

3. Squat-Touch Squat down and touch the ball to the ground (my note: or “towards” the ground), then lift it overhead as you extend up.

4. Lunges w/ Medicine Ball You can lunge forward, to the side or doing pinwheel lunges (which is a flow of lunges to the front, diagonal, side and then back) while holding the med ball at the sternum.

5. Lunge w/ Butt Kick Lunge forward, then as you come back, kick towards your butt w/ the “lunging” leg.

6. Power Lunges Plyometric lunges switching from one forward leg to the other holding ball at sternum.

Var. Bring the ball to the outside hip of the forward leg w/ a “wood chopping” motion.

7. Squat Jack w/ Medicine Ball lower into a squat position for both the “feet together” and “feet apart” portion of a jumping jack. Release and catch the ball in front of your torso (let go of ball as you jump up and catch it just before you squat down).

8. Giant Circles-Squats From a wide leg stance, make continuous wide circles with the ball bringing it down to the ground and up overhead. You will be squatting down as you lower, and extending legs up as you raise the ball overhead.

9. One Legged Balance Stand on one leg while bringing the ball behind your head, over your head and all the way forward in front of your chest.

Var (36:20): While on one leg, bring the ball overhead and then side to side, laterally flexing your torso.

10. One Legged Hack Squat With ball held behind your head, do a one legged squat.

Var. Rather than holding the ball behind your head, place the ball on different positions on the ground (you could place dots on the ground to touch).

Var. You can also abduct the leg out to the side or extend it behind as you do the one legged squat.

11. Combination Squat/Lunge Squat as you move sideways 2 Xs, then do a forward lunge, then squat sideways 2Xs in the other direction and lunge forward with the other leg.

Note: You can do various placements or movements with the ball during the squats and lunges.


12. Plank Variations with the ball Do a plank with one hand on the ball.

Var. Lift one leg. Var. Bring the knee inward. Var. Extend the leg outward.

13. Push-up w/ one hand on the ball
Var. During the down phase of the push-up, you could lift one leg upward or outward and then push back up.

14. Planks and Push-up variations w/ both hands on the ball (more triceps emphasis). Note: Keep chest open w/ shoulder blades retracted.

Instructor Comments:
Mindy does a great job as always!

Scott (Yogadad)