4 Day Split: Series

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Step Aerobics , Total Body Workouts

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I am just going to review the Low Intensity Step (LIS) portion of this workout (I haven't done the rest recently).

This portion of the set has so much potential but unfortunately falls flat. I really liked the idea of a shorter, lower intensity step workout from Cathe. It could be very versatile and frequently used.

The first problem I have with LIS is that Cathe doesn't break down or teach the combo's much at all. She just starts, and expects you to be able to follow a long (it helps if you've done a lot of her step in the past and know her cueing style). This makes it unsuitable for people who have trouble with choreography.

It would be fine for choreography lovers, except that there isn't nearly enough choreography. I think she does 3 combo's here, repeated 6 times each (as Cathe usually does). Between each combo is an intensity blast with lower impact moves – something I didn't really want from a "lower intensity" workout. At the end she repeats all 3 combo's once, but puts in an outer thigh around the world and basketball jumps in between each combo. Why??? She says "so you don't get confused" but I actually found it to be more confusing this way.

I would have preferred to skip the intensity blasts, do one more combo, and repeat them all several times at the end all together. That would be a nice, lower intensity shorter step workout without the unnecessary intensity blasts.

Note that this is lower intensity, not necessarily low impact.

I also did the core segment on this DVD. It's the same old ab workout Cathe always does. Nothing I haven't seen from her before (and I don't have a whole lot of her DVD's). It was quite similar to the core section from Cardio & Weights (which I like, but don't need a duplicate of). I would like to see some different, more core-focussed moves from Cathe.

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