Pilates on the Ball

Melissa Walker
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Pilates/Core Strength

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Prior to the start of the workout, instructor Melissa Walker provides basic instruction on using the ball, including how to inflate the ball, basic moves on the ball, and how to balance on the ball. The first exercises are performed lying on the ball on your back, and they really work the entire back of the legs, particularly your hamstrings and glutes. Next comes a series of back extensions performed lying face down on the ball; I could definitely feel my back while doing these! The final part of the workout consistes of additional leg/glute work, mostly performed lying on the floor with your feet on the ball. The workout ends with a seated roll-up on the ball, and the entire routine clocks in at 21 minutes.

Those who are expecting a more traditional Pilates workout are likely to be disappointed in this video. Although some of the exercises are recognizable as being adapted from Pilates moves--eg, shoulder bridge, back extensions, mermaid, and roll-ups--there is little abdominal work. This workout would have been more appropriately titled "Lower Body Pilates on the Ball," as it definitely provides a good lower body workout that was challenging yet doable for those new to ball work.

Instructor Comments:
Pilates on the Ball is led by Melissa Walker. She teaches alone in a bland white room with no music.

Beth C (aka toaster)