Turbo Kick Fan Home Workout DVD 3

Chalene Johnson, Jenelle Summers
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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This review is for TK Round 32, which is the first workout on the TK Fan Volume 3 DVD. I previously reviewed Turbo Sport separately.

This one was very different than Turbo Sport, which I loved. While it was still a good workout, it was quite a bit less intense than Turbo Sport or any of the Turbo Fire workouts. I found myself modifying up, jumping, etc where she wasn't to increase the challenge. Next time, I will attempt this one with weighted gloves for a little extra oomph. It was also a bit more dancy than I'm used to, compared to either TS or TF. There is a "Finesse" section which teaches a kind of hip hop-ish style routine but it's really kind of slow paced and didn't really fit me at all. A little too much shaking it in this workout for me. I'd still reach for this one, skipping that section, on a lighter day or with the weighted gloves. Without the Finesse I clocked in at about 45 minutes which is ok for me. One more thing I didn't care for in this one was the music, it just didn't click with me. THe beat was hard to hear and in kickboxing that's how I personally time my punches.

Instructor Comments:
Chalene is Chalene, very chatty and enjoying herself quite a bit during the dancy sections of this workout.



This review is for the original Turbo Sport, which is one of the two workouts on the TK Fan Volume 3 DVD and is lead by Jenelle Summers. The other workout on this DVD is lead by Chalene Johnson.

I bought Turbo Fire a couple months ago and it was one of the best fitness purchases I've ever made. For background, I've been a 90% Cathe kind of girl for years, an intense cardio junkie and am totally unable to stick to a rotation of any kind because I get bored. TF is intense, fun and a really great workout. That said, I NEEDED more Turbo! So I got the fan DVD after reading some comments on the forum. I LOVED this one! It was intense, a little more athletic in the sense that it eliminated booty shaking, hippy type moves and anything dance related, and included more athletic moves including jacks, jogs and jumps along with the kicking and punching combos. My favorite TF moves, capoeira and the wheel were used in this one. The workout was categorized into a few sections: Punches, Kicks, Push Ups, Abs, Turbo, legs and two finales. Kicks and Punches really blended together for me seamlessly, as did the Turbo and finales. Legs was really just cardio-type squatting/lunging, not an actual lower body workout which is what I thought it would be. Pushups is just that, two sets of push ups with varying rep counts. I had to do them on my knees as I usually do if the rep count goes over ten. Abs, I will admit, I neglect so I can't comment on that section.

The production quality is NOT BeachBody. It reminded me very much of the Powerstrike Millennium series in the sense that it was filmed in a "real" gym vs. a set and the pic quality was not exactly HD 2010! The music is not recognizable as it is a TF DVD (to me anyway) but I liked it.

Overall, this is a super fun workout that anyone who likes the TF Fires will enjoy. A keeper. A+! I can't wait to try TS2!

Instructor Comments:
Jenelle was wonderful, not as "in your face" or silly/jokey as Chalene but a good instructor who did a great job. Her form is IMO, better than Chalenes and her body is amazing, she is long and lean and really makes the most of her kicks and punches. I'm hoping TK/Powder Blue puts out more by Jenelle.