Barry's Bootcamp Booty Camp

Barry Jay
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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I would rate this DVD as a beginner low impact workout. I guess I expected more of a challenge with the "booty band" however I experienced minimal muscle burn and did not break a sweat as other reviewers have posted. I wish there was a play music only option as Barry plugs how great the band is over and over and over. This will not go into my regular rotation.



This is an add-on to the Barry's Bootcamp set. It comes with a band which is used for the exercises. The workout is only 15 minutes long. It should have been longer, both from a price value standpoint and an intensity/quality workout standpoint. I would use it as an add-on or do it twice through. The format is one minute per exercise, Cindy leads with Barry coaching. I enjoyed some of the moves a lot. This was a fairly relaxing workout and I did not break a sweat, really. I did not find the band very challenging and the second time I did it, I strapped on ankle weights instead and found the workout a little more intense and a lot more enjoyable. I don't think I would buy this one on its own, but coming with a set like it did, I am not sorry I have it. I just treat it more like an add-on than a stand-alone workout.