Pure Pump

Tonya Larson
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I reviewed this workout above, so I won't go over the details above, but I wanted to add a couple of thoughts.

I used this DVD for awhile and then got rid of it. Recently, I reacquired it. The past year has been a really difficult one on the fitness front and I lost much of the fitness that I had built up. So, I'm 52 and coming back.

This DVD is a good one for me in that effort. It's an intermediate level workout that provides a modifier who gives some good modifications. So, I can use it to build up my fitness. And, the workout just flows - I didn't watch the clock like I do with some workouts.

Tonya establishes a pattern for the strength work (double time, singles, pules, holds, singles) and applies it to the moves. There are some long sets with a lot of reps. If you don't like compound moves, you may not want to go with this workout, because there are a number of them in the workout. I used 4-5 pounds and felt well worked out because of the number of reps. (And, remember, I'm coming back.)

Most of the moves are no problem with a couple of exceptions. In the first workout, she has you do a lot of deadlifts, not the best thing for my lower back. So, I did the slower reps and skipped the faster one. In the second workout, she has you do some moves on all fours on the floor. I leaned over on a chair and did them standing. Last year's knee replacement doesn't allow for me to do work on all fours yet.

Instructor Comments:
She is calm and encouraging and totally fine with you doing things at your level.

Laura S.


Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

I thought this was a fun and effective weight-training workout using lighter weights. There is a modifier who does the segments without a step and who shows easier options for various moves, so a range of exercisers can use this DVD. Personally, I would rate it as solid intermediate.

You can choose to do the entire program, including the warmup, two strength segments, abs, and stretch and get a good total body workout in just over 50 minues. Or, you can choose one of the options below from the menu:

Workout 1
Workout 2
Abs & Core: (5 minutes)
Stretch: (4.5 minutes)

You can also choose to view 3 spiritual warmups: Joy & Contentment, Perfection, and Getting Results. Each of the segments is a few minutes long and offers encouragement on the topic of the spiritual warmup. I don't know if people who do not have a Christian viewpoint would enjoy them, but I thought they were well done, pragmatic, and helpful.

Tonya follows a pattern with the moves throughout the various segments. She will cue the move. Then, she will add pulses. Then, she'll just you hold it. Then, she does some more singles. I liked the pattern. Some of the reviews I have seen seemed to reflect that this pattern made the workouts repetetive for some people.

Personally, I really liked this DVD. I thought the workout flowed and I knew what she wanted me to do and I like Tonya's demeanor. I thought the modifier was okay and appreciated having her there.

Instructor Comments:
She is calm and encouraging and descriptive about what she wants you to do.

Laura S.


Pure Pump is a muscular endurance workout focusing on high reps with light to medium size weights. You can choose to do the entire "pump" program, including the warmup, abs, and stretch and get a great total body workout in just under 1 hour. (or if you are short on time, Tonya has broken down each section into Workout 1 and Workout 2, each offering a complete stand alone workout that can be done in 22 minutes) Here is the menu:

Pump: (each 22 minutes in length)
Workout 1
Workout 2

Abs & Core: (5 minutes)

Stretch: (4.5 minutes)

Tonya again offers 3 spiritual warmups: Joy & Contentment, Perfection and Getting Results. Each of the three segments are about 4 minutes in length and offer encouragement and help the viewer reach their personal goals. I personally find that each offer practical advice for everyone!

Workout 1:

You'll begin with a march with light weights and add a hamstring curl. Next you'll abduct one leg onto the bench and perform a lateral raise with the arms. Following is a wide squat step up (performed 1/2 on, 1/2 off bench) then you'll do a narrow squat on bench followed by a wide squat and wide rhomboid pinch--you'll take this move across the bench to the other side and repeat through this sequence to continue warming the body. A quick quad stretch follows. Next you'll put your mat on your bench and grab your heavier hand weights for chest flys. You'll perform various reps and hold patterns throughout the entire Pure Pump workout. Skull crushers are next and are an excellent move to really fry the tricep area. Next you'll go through those two exercises (flys/skull crushers) however, the 2nd time through Tonya adds a core element to it. This adds additional toning to the abdominal area. Next up is a one legged dead lift working the back of the leg. She then does a set of double leg dead lifts. (as always, the rep counts & range of motions vary so you'll really feel it!) Next move is a biceps move done while marching in place. Your arm is kept slightly bent and raised (you'll feel it working deep in the bicep). You'll then perform hammer curls. After each body part is worked, Tonya briefly stretches that part out before moving onto the next exercise. Legs are next. You'll perform a lunge onto the bench and add a row to work the obliques.

Workout 2:

Marching with right leg on top of bench into a hamstring curl, then double curls on top of bench. Next lunge off back of bench. This warms you up and prepares you for the weights. (if it is not long enough, pause the dvd and continue to march until you feel warm enough to continue) Grab a heavy weight for plie squats and overhead tricep extensions. Next move is a "donkey kick" for the buttocks. (advanced exercisers can use a weight behind the knee for this exercise) Concentration curls work the biceps. Chest press with a glute squeeze follows. Next body part is back and you'll perform rows in various positions. Curtsy lunges follow. Tonya adds a one armed lateral raise to work the shoulder area. A brief stretch concludes this segment.

Abs & Core:

A light to medium weight is needed. Tonya begins standing and performs various rowing motion exercises to work the deep muscles of the obliques. Next you'll move to the floor for plank work. I love this section! You'll really feel your entire core/lower back fire up. The last moves are done on your back and you'll perform a hip lift and a bicycle. Then you'll do a seated twisting move to finish this segment.


You'll begin on the floor with gentle stretches and progress back into standing to conclude the program.

Instructor Comments:
Tonya is a great instructor. She cues well and offers great tips throughout. She fills a unique niche for the intermediate exerciser!