Pilates Powerball Sculpt

Bernadette Giorgi
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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This is a 53 minute flowing pilates routine that really hits the core. Bernadette works out alone in a cute Asian-esque set w/ great tribal sounding music. You will need a small weighted ball for this workout though you can omit it or sub a light dumbbell for most moves. The dvd is chaptered and includes premixes.

After a 5 min rhythmic dance warmup you go down to the floor to begin the pilates routine. Bernadette works out a good pace and really keeps things moving right along. I really enjoy the addition of the ball (used one of my pink Firm balls) and felt that it really did up the intensity and added a fun, unique element to the exercises. Bernadette uses the ball in her hands, between her knees, between her feet, and behind her knee.

Exercises include: the hundred, double leg circles, ball transfer roll ups, pilates bicycle, criss cross, bridge variations, ball saw, pilates 1st position w/ ball pass, flowing T-stands, pike rollups, bridge spine stretches, donkey & elbow to knee pulls with the ball behind your knee, just b oak tree (ab work), and many more.

Bernadette is a fantastic lead- I really enjoyed her personality and found her cuing fantastic. I would rate this an intermediate pilates routine that really hits the core but includes moves for all body parts. I am not a huge fan of many pilates routines but really enjoyed the flow and unique moves in this routine. Great for a complete 50+ min w/o or broken up into pieces on busy days. Received this dvd to review.