10 Minute Solution: Quick Tummy Toners

Jessica Smith
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Abs/Core , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Yoga

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This dvd has five 10 minute ab routines on it. Though the yoga one is not entirely ab work IMO. As with all 10 Min Solutions w/o's each segment includes a short warmup and cooldown. The segments include:

Crunch Free Abs: this segment is actually done on the floor not standing, which surprised me. You dont do any crunches though, I would say its pilates inspired and includes some standard pilates ab work and balance work.

Yoga Abs: a few ab moves in it but it would be used better as a yoga workout or a cooldown/ stretch to follow a workout.

Bikini Belly: This is my favorite segment! Its a core cardio workout as I like to call it. You are standing the entire time. You do a short routine and Jessica adds on as you go. There is some TIFTing here but she adds on and its ony 10 minutes so it doesnt bother me. You do moves like knee strikes, figure 8, bob and weave, side twists, ski jumps, etc. VERY fun segment!!!! And a perfect add on.

Ab & Waist Definer: This is an oblique focused workout. You do some standing moves like lunge with a side twist and some seated moves like V-sits while twisting side to side. There is also a kneeling segment that has some unique ab work in it.

Sexy, Sporty Abs: She points out which sports you would utilize some of this work in so its lives up to its title. It includes a crunch sequence and a plank sequence. Some of the moves are standard and some are unique.

Jessica is a great lead. Very motivational and excellent cueing. She is enthusiastic but not overly so. I use this dvd A LOT and I have a lot of other ab w/o's. I just love the bikini belly routine. Its fun and different from most everything else Ive got (and Ive got a LOT of dvds); I can get in a bit of cardio with my ab work. I definately reccomend this dvd! It is good for beginners through advanced IMO.

Instructor Comments:
Jessica is an excellent lead!



This is an all ab workout from the 10 Minute Solution series. Unfortunately I cannot compare this to their earlier all ab workout 10MS Blast Off Belly Fat with Suzanne Bowen because I do not have that workout. I definitely do NOT need any more ab-exclusive add-on workouts in my collection, but invested in this one because the workouts looked functional, creative, and innovative based on the video clip from Collage. I was not disappointed and I really enjoy this workout, and I reach for it frequently, often in lieu of other short ab add-ons in my collection. I use this workout as an add-on only (one or two sections) and have never done the entire 50 minutes in entirety.

Like all 10 Minute Solution videos, there are five 10-minute sections that each have a specific focus with a very brief (~30 seconds) warm-up and cool down for each section. This video is broken into five parts:

-Crunch Free Abs: This section is pilates-influenced but not a purely pilates workout (more of a fusion). You stay on the floor for this workout and she has designed each exercise progressive phases: a beginner modification and advanced moves to work up to, challenging balance and strength. Various moves include being on your back with your opposite arm and leg moving out to the side and back in, progressing to the same move in bridge pose (hips off the ground – a balance challenge!), roll like a ball, pilates hundred, hip dancing in bridge position, table pose with opposite arm and leg out then pulsing the leg with arm extended (balance challenge), Russian twists with feet on ground, tough plank series with rotational moves. I do not do this section as frequently but it has a great selection for balance and pilates-influenced strengthening.

-Yoga Abs: As suggested by the title, this is a yoga sequence. I don’t really feel like it is “ab specific” per se, and perhaps that is intentional because they explain that you will tone your abs with relaxation and decreasing stress hormones, which studies show increase belly fat, more than by the toning itself in this section. As such this is my least frequented section unless I want a stretch section after my workout and ab add on since the DVD is already playing. Exercises include one brief vinyasa, low lunge to crescent lunge with a twist, warrior 3 (balance challenge), tree pose, downward dog, and boat pose. Admittedly I feel like this is pretty “forgettable” for yoga work and if I wanted to do yoga I would choose another yoga video with more variety of moves, and if I wanted ab work I would choose another section that really tones the abs.

-Bikini Belly: The standing aerobic section and the only aerobics in the whole video. This is a GREAT section and perhaps my favorite tied with Ab & Waist Definer. The aerobics are fun and easy to learn (I am choreographically challenged) and did not seem repetitive to me, and used the add-on style. In the first five minutes, you learn one move at a time (among the moves: side to side twist, side to side lunge, bob and weave type move with an emphasis on crunching your abs, jumping jacks, crescent squats, jump rope – always with a focus on tightening your core) and add on each move until you have a complete sequence; in the second five minutes you complete the entire learned sequence 3 or 4 times without breaking. My core feels pleasantly worked at the end of the 10 minutes and my heart rate climbs up there when I keep the intensity high.

-Ab & Waist Definer: Just like the back cover promises, this section specifically focuses on rotational exercises for your side waist. Along with Bikini Belly this is my other favorite section and what I feel has the most creative moves on the DVD and makes the DVD purchase worthwhile, though I am admittedly a huge fan of rotational moves so this might be a biased opinion (lol). In a kneeling pose you reach back to your toes side to side, in a table position you extend one leg and twist towards that leg with progressive moves to work your balance and with leg pulses, you also do a “50’s pin up” pose (reminds me of pilates can can) twisting from side to side while in a partial V sit with your hands supporting you on the floor behind you, standing lunges with a twist side to side over the front knee, and a tough plank series with (you guessed it!) side to side twisting. At the end the side waist feels very worked and cinched in with all those twisting moves.

-Sexy, Sporty Abs: This section is the closest in the DVD to being traditional ab work but still includes a variety of creative moves. I think of all the sections you get the most lower ab work here. Included is the scissor with straight legs, pilates can-can, double leg stretch, the bicycle, crunches with legs extended on the floor (leading into prior mentioned scissor), and another crunch variation with legs resting in butterfly stretch (to reduce the usage of hip flexors) then lift the legs for intensity, an intense side plank series moving the hip up and down then incorporating a twisting from top elbow to bottom elbow, tick tock move laying on your back with knees bent, moving from side to side then pausing at the side to do side crunches, back to tick tock and repeat on other side, backwards plank facing upwards and extend hips to ceiling, cobra pose at the end to stretch the abs. This is a fun little section and I do not do it often enough, it is concise and comprehensive. Jessica mentions that this or that move is good for skiing or surfing to keep with the “sporty abs” title, but it is not annoying or incessant.

Like the majority of the other 10 Minute Solution workouts, this is solid Intermediate level with some room for beginners to grow into and for high intermediates to enjoy, depending on how intense you choose to make your workout. This workout is NOT comparable to Cathe’s STS Ab Circuits or anything to that extent for the very advanced, but for those of us in the Intermediate field this is a very enjoyable and creative workout. The music is the classic upbeat but generic selection with usually two tunes in a 10 minute section. Except for the yoga section it is highly recommended, but not essential for those who already have an extensive ab workout collection or who do not enjoy ab work. However if you are looking for a good ab add on go-to workout, this is one of the best I have with a great variety, intensity but doable, and lots of plank work, balance, and rotational moves which I enjoy. Jessica Smith teaches by herself in a large uncluttered room that should look familiar to those who have worked out with other 10 Minute Solution workouts. High production quality and mix-and-match menu choices like all 10MS DVDs. Grade A.

Instructor Comments:
This is my first video with Jessica Smith and I really enjoyed her instruction a lot. She is enthusiastic, upbeat, encouraging, and has good form pointers. Since purchasing this workout I got 10MS Knockout Body also with Jessica and have enjoyed that immensely too. I hope 10MS keeps her on as a continual instructor because she gives the workouts a lot of charisma in my opinion.

Emily B.