Gliding Cardio Crazy

Mindy Mylrea
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Gliding Disks, Step Aerobics

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I tried this workout on loan from another VFer awhile back; I was really looking forward to it because I enjoy Mindy's original Gliding set, and the cardio segments are my favorite parts. This workout is 65 minutes total and features Mindy in several different segments which are broken down as follows on the Main Menu of the DVD:

Intro (2.5 minutes)
Warm Up (2.5 minutes)
Gliding Cardio Dance (30 minutes)
Gliding Cardio Intervals (12.5 minutes)
Gliding Cardio Step (14.5 minutes)
Cool Down & Stretch (4.5 minutes)

In the Warm Up, Mindy simply gets you moving on the discs, and she transitions right into the first cardio segment the "Dance" portion. I say "Dance" because there really isn't anything more dance-y here than in Mindy's previous gliding workouts; in this section, you'll do moves such as gliding from side-to-side, circling with the discs, lunging from side-to-side, squatting, etc. Mindy does vary the tempos and the repetitions, but still, at 30 minutes, this section started to feel a bit tedious after awhile.

The next section is Intervals, or what Mindy describes as sports drills. Here she uses the discs mainly as markers, either by holding them or placing them on the floor. Also, she states that because gliding itself is low-impact, this entire segment adds impact. The exercises include Squat Sky Drill (hopping squat), Intervals (ski hop), Agility Square (hopping with discs as markers), Skate, T-Step, Line Drill, Hop+1/4 Turn, Disc Circle (1 foot), Carioca (little dance holding disc).

Finally there is the step segment. For the first 10 minutes or so of this segment, the step is used as a marker only, and so the actual gliding moves are really no different than in the Cardio Dance section--eg, side steps, etc.--which was kind of disappointing. During the last 5 minutes, Mindy actually incorporates the step for a few moves such as the Burpee (holding onto the step with the hands while sliding the feet in and out), a lunging glide with one foot on the step, and knee lifts with one foot on the step.

For the Cool-Down, Mindy has you keep one foot on a disc in order to perform a series of lower body stretches on that side; you then repeat on the other side to finish. Overall, I did not enjoy this workout as much as I had hoped. Given that I like the low impact nature of gliding, I didn't like having the higher impact intervals segment thrown into the mix. But I found even the gliding work itself less appealing than in Mindy's original Gliding set, and I felt the work less intensely in my lower body. This DVD might be better suited for someone who enjoys mixing low and high impact work, but for me, it really wasn't what I was expecting or hoping for.

Beth C (aka toaster)


This workout is about 64 minutes total and requires the use of gliding discs. In one section, it also requires a step.
Chapter Breakdown:
Warm-up: 2:30 minutes, intro on how to use the gliding discs
Cardio Dance: 30 minutes
Cardio Intervals: 13 minutes
Gliding Step: 14:30 minutes
Stretch: 4 minutes

Overall, this is an interesting and different way to get cardio in. It has gliding moves, which use your leg muscles in different ways, and that I always feel the next day. It also involves some agility and sports moves for a change of pace. I don't love it, and won't use it that often, but it's unique and thus stays in my collection. The choreography is very straightforward and not complicated.

The first section, Cardio Dance, I found to be a little boring and repetitive. It's entirely low impact with your feet on the gliding discs, and there are just a limited amount of moves that can be done. If it had been shorter, maybe 15 minutes, it might not have felt as repetitive. There is nothing wrong with this section, but it isn't that interesting to me.

The second section, Cardio Intervals, is made up of a variety of sports drills. Mindy explains that you need some impact to help strengthen your muscles and bones, since gliding is so low-impact. In this section you are usually holding the discs like a steering wheel or using them as markers on the floor. You aren't stepping on them and sliding as you normally expect. This section includes lots of plyometrics and some speed and agility drills.

The final section, Gliding Step, is the only part where it's necessary to have a step. At first, you use the step as a marker and glide around it. Then you use it to do burpee/mountain climber variation by putting your hands on the step and your feet are on the gliding discs. Finally, you do some very basic stepping moves.

The stretch is short, and Mindy forgot a couple stretches on the 2nd side.

Instructor Comments:
Mindy does a good job overall in this video. She isn't as silly as she sometimes is, but is still very cheerful and motivating. Like always, she has a fun time working out. In the interval section, it includes some classic Mindy-style sports drills.

Catherine O'Neill