Medicine Ball Training

Mindy Mylrea
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Total Body Workouts

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This is a detailed breakdown of the program. There was another excellent review which also listed the exercises, I broke it down slightly differently in order to have it as a resource for myself as a trainer. I thought it might be helpful to have this posted here along with the other reviews.

This program is a compendium of Solo medicine ball exercises and Mindy was very thorough in putting this program together. It came on a disc which also had "Medicine Ball Partner Training" and also "Slamming Sports Training"


1. March in place
2. Walk forward and back
3. Tap Toes (roll back and forth, bilaterally, on the heels and balls of the feet) while shaking out arms.
4. Step side to side w/ arms swinging forward and back, then do several really reaching forward (more elbow extension) and back.
5. Up and overs (step tap w/ feet)
6. Arms in front (with arms extended, swing them horizontally across the body). Feet are same as #5.
7. Biceps curls, side to side, while kicking butt.
8. Triceps back w/ step touch (flex arms in front, then extend them behind)
9. Open chest (extend arms fully, wrists hyper extended w/ fingers pointing up), cross the arms in front, then extend them behind (horizontal abduction/adduction).
10. Tap toes (like #3 above)
11. Roll forward and back on feet w/ spinal flexion (chest curves inward as you roll onto your heels) and extension (chest curves outward as you roll onto the balls of your feet).
12. Up and overs
13. Arms in front
14. Biceps curls
15. Triceps back
16. Open chest
17. Shoulder rolls (4Xs)

Do each of the above 2Xs each, repeat entire series 4Xs total.
18. Tap Toes
19. Roll forward and back
Lower Body

1. Wide squat
2. Lunge side to side while rolling med ball side to side (you face forward the whole time during the lunges shifting your weight from side to side while you roll the ball)
3. With the legs in a wide squat position, bring ball to sternum, lift it overhead while you straighten your legs, then bring the ball back to the sternum as you squat down, then reach the ball to the floor. (up-middle-down-middle)
4. Hold the ball overhead, stand on one leg as you bend slowly side to side.
5. Bring the ball up (as you straighten arms) and release it upwards, then catch the ball and squat down bringing ball to about knee level.
Repeat #4 and #5 starting w/ other leg.
7. Hold the ball overhead w/ wide bent legs. Sweep it around in a wide, continuous circle. Transfer the weight of the ball more to one hand and then the other (depending on it’s position to gravity). Note: Both hands remain in contact with the ball at all times. Do it 6Xs in one direction then repeat in the opposite direction.
8. Stand on 1 leg, raise the ball overhead and continue moving it behind the head (shoulder hyper flexion), then bring the ball forward of the head (elbows remain extended throughout).

---active rest: step side to side, you can hold ball in front or move it from hand to hand---
9. Squat w/ the ball either: under chin, behind the head, down low in front or move it from one thigh then the other.
10. One legged half squat (hold ball where it’s comfortable, Mindy holds it behind her head)
11. Staying on same leg, hold the ball in crook of the elbow (same side as support leg), then alternate touching the hands down to the floor in front and then the side.
---active rest: walk it out, then step side to side w/ butt kicks (you can swing the ball side to side)---
12. Repeat #10 and #11 to the other side

---active rest: march in place, then step side to side w/ butt kicks (you can swing the ball side to side)---

Squat-lift series

1. Squat w/ knee lift (while lifting the ball overhead) do this 4X to one side, then the other.
2. Squat w/ side leg lifts (curl ball upward as you squat down, lower it diagonally to the hip opposite of the lift leg)
3. Squat w/ leg extension (curl ball up on squat, lower it straight down as you raise up) 4Xs on one side then switch.
4. Then repeat the complete squat-lift series 2 more times (do regular squats between each series as active rest)
5. Then do the Squat-lift series except only do 1 rep of each (knee up-side leg lift-leg back) 4X to one side then repeat on the other
---Squat in place 8Xs (active rest)---
6. Squat, then jump up (a small amount plyometrically as you toss the ball overhead) 8Xs
7. Squat w/ jump only (hold ball by abs) 8Xs
---active rest: mini-squats---
Repeat the jump squats-mini squats 4 more times, increasing the jump each time. You can also release and
catch the ball slightly at abdomen level.
---active rest: March in place-step side to side w/ butt kicks---
Row series

1. Low Row: facing forward w/ wide bent knees, row forward and back (move ball away from and back to chest, keeping ball moving directly in line w/ the chest)
2. Row Side to side: From the same position, alternate bringing the ball forward and then to the outside of each hip.
3. repeat Low Row to the front
-Active rest Step-tap while rolling ball between the hands (so that they take turns being over and under the ball)-
Lunge series

1. Stationary Lunges: bring one leg forward w/ knee aligned w/ the heel. Move in and out of the lunge by bending/extending the front knee (repeat to other side).
2. Pinwheel Lunges: lunge to the front, to the corner, directly to the side (torso facing forward, lunging leg toes slightly turned out), to the back (4Xs each)
Then repeat 2Xs in each direction (do this 3XS)
Then repeat 1X in each direction (do this 4XS)

3. Then do 8 Stationary lunges with the same forward leg.

---Active rest: March it out---

Triceps series:

1. Triceps extensions: in slight lunge position while slightly bending and extending front leg (dorsiflex ankle on extension). Extend leg as you extend triceps. 8Xs
2. Triceps extensions in forward squat position (bending and extending legs, extend legs as you extend arms)
3. Triceps extension: in slight lunge position to other side (also bending and extending legs along w/ arms)
4. Triceps extension in forward squat position 4XS
Do entire Lunge series starting w/ the other leg forward (do not repeat the triceps series, go to Biceps Series).

Biceps series
1. Concentration curl (facing forward, stand w/ legs a bit wider than shoulder width).
2. Add a calve raise to the curls (raise up on toes and you flex the elbows)

Butt kick lunge series
3. Butt Kick Lunges: lunge forward, then extend front knee and kick towards butt w/ the heel of the front leg.
Do this 8Xs at regular speed, 16Xs double time.
Repeat Butt kick lunges with other leg
Repeat Butt kick lunge sequence w/ both legs
4. Squat w/ wide feet while tossing ball up and down

Floor work

1. Lying adductor lifts: Lie on right side w/ right elbow under shoulder. Bend the left leg w/ the foot flat on the floor (note: don‘t cross it over the lower leg). Extend the right leg w/ the ball on the inner thigh (held in place by the left hand). Raise and lower the leg. Notes: 1. The lower the ball is on the leg, the more resistance.
2. Keep the torso elongated

2. Double Leg lifts: Place ball between the lower legs. Extend the lower arm out straight, place the upper hand in front of the torso for support.

---Repeat exercises #1 and #2 on the other side---

3. Pelvic Tilts: Lie supine, both legs bent. Place ball sitting on the thighs w/ one hand keeping the ball in place.

4. Pelvic Tilts w/ adductor squeeze: From previous position, place the ball between the knees and squeeze the ball as you lift. Hold for several counts at the end.

5. One leg pelvic tilts: From the previous position, lift one leg up into “table” position, place the other foot flat on the floor with the ball held above the knee. Raise and lower the pelvis slightly then hold for several counts at the end.

Stretch: Pull the legs inward, with the ball placed just above the knees.
Sit on the “sitting bones” w/ legs bent (feet on floor). The ball should be sitting between the thighs and waist. Place the hands behind the torso with the fingers pointing forward.


1. Lie supine with the legs bent, feet on the floor. With both hands, roll the ball up towards the knees while raising the torso slightly (then lower back down as you roll the ball downward).

---at the end, hold ball in up position for several counts---

2. From the previous supine position, extend the right leg up, flex the spine as you bring the ball to the outside of the right leg and hold in that position (shoulder blades should be off of the floor).

---switch sides---

Then hold the ball in the center w/ both feet flat on the floor w/ spine flexed up for several counts.

3. Reverse Curl: Lie supine, w/ legs bent in table top position. Ball should be held between the knees. Hold the spine in a slightly flexed position while you bring the pelvis inward towards the torso.

4. Sit up with the ball behind you and stretch w/ the arms behind, fingers pointing backwards. First do this w/ the legs bent, then extended wide w/ straight legs. (note: ball isn’t actually used in this stretch at all)

5. Torso Twist (like a Russian Twist): First do this w/ knees bent, heels on the floor.

6. Torso Twist w/ feet raised (balance on sitting bones)

Stretch w/ legs crossed.

7. Rotational Twist: Sit w/ the feet on the ground. Place the ball behind your back. Rotate all the way to the left, grab the ball and rotate all the way to the right, placing the ball behind you.

Shake out the legs and repeat in the opposite direction.

Cross legs and rest for a moment

8. Superman series: 1st: raise 1 arm and opposite leg
2nd: raise both arms and legs.
3rd: add ball to hands as you raise both arms and legs.

Do Child’s pose w/ outstretched arms, hands on ball.


1. Split Pushups: w/ one hand on the ball (8XS then repeat to other side).
Note: do these slowly w/ a short hold in the up position.

2. Plank w/ both hands on the ball. 1st: lift one leg and hold, then switch legs.
2nd: Bring one knee in, then rotate the hip of that leg inwardly so that the foot comes across the body.

---After a short rest, repeat the 2nd variation.---

3. Push-ups w/ both hands on the ball. Note: do these slowly w/ a hold in the up position.

Stretch in child’s pose w/ both hands on the ball

Repeat push-ups w/ both hands on the ball.

Stretch in child’s pose w/ both hands on the ball

4. Side plank: in side position w/ legs extended (top leg in front). Torso is in raised position w/ the lower arm fully extended, other arms extended to the sky. Lower and left the hips (Note: no ball is used in this exercise).

---repeat on the other side---

5. Push up w/o the ball: do these at a faster and continuous pace.

Stretch in child’s pose w/ both hands on the ball


1. Sit cross legged w/ the ball over head. Stretch side to side. Then after several of these, bring the ball forward of the head and then behind. Then finally bring the ball all the way to the ground (arms extended), then behind the head w/ the arms bending behind the head.

2. Seated twist w/ ball behind: One leg is extended straight, bend the other leg w/ the foot placed to the outside of the knee of the straight leg. Twist w/ the hand on the ball behind you.

3. Side stretch w/ one leg straight, the other leg bent w/ the foot on the inner thigh of the straight leg. Place the ball on the inner thigh side of the straight leg and roll it towards the foot for a stretch.

4. Sit cross legged. Toss the ball forward and then grab it and bring it back in to chest.

Instructor Comments:
Mindy is a knowledgeable instructor who gives excellent, detailed instruction.

Scott (Yogadad)


I chose this tape because it's one of the only medicine ball tapes out there, and I love working out with medicine balls (I have three.) After doing the tape a couple of times I now put it in and start out with the warm up and the first few exercises, then when it starts getting repetitive (about 20 minutes into it) I substitute my own exercises until something interesting comes back on. I wish I could splice the good parts of the tape and leave out the repetitive parts (like this lunge-kickback move that is very monotonous and she does it way too many times). I would love to see her come out with another medicine ball video with more varied moves, or perhaps she could do a combo medicine ball-dumbbell-stability ball video-which is the workout I end up doing using segments of her tape for the medicine ball parts.

Diana Chen


This is a total body strength training program. It is approximately an hour long and contains four sections: warm-up, standing work, floorwork and stretch. The fast moving pace adds to the intensity of the balance and stabilization work. She has available 4, 6 and 8 pound balls although the 8#er is not used. The video is filmed outside in a sunny Japanese garden. Mindy performs the entire workout on a bridge. The sound is very good. The picture is clear with occasional shadows on Mindy's face.

Warm-up ~ 8 min
Mindy suggests doing the workout first without weight to familiarize yourself with the exercises and to get a feel for balancing with a ball. She also knows that many will probably not have (nor invest in) a variety of weighted balls. Since you're more likely to buy a heavy ball she recommends using a plain plastic ball in this section. She uses the 4# ball. The warm-up is nothing "silly", just basics to raise core body temperature. To work abs you balance on one leg with ball held overhead and bend to one side then another. As a bonus you really feel all muscles in the supporting foot fight to stabilize you. The trunk is thoroughly warmed up after windmilling the ball while transferring the weight from one hand to another. Since the ball will be held isometrically during the workout she advises you to shake out your shoulders if they tense. Several ball-holding positions are demonstrated and you are reminded to listen to your body.

Legs ~ 26 min
Using a 4# ball she goes into one legged 1/2 squats and increases the intensity by touching various points on the ground before straightening. While I was dying she chirped, "Did ya feel it? Wow! Wasn't that cool!" These are very balanced and controlled moves. She moves on to 6# and begins a series of squats incorporating high knee lifts, side and back leg presses. Throughout this leg work you're pushing the ball toward the sky, to your side or downward. She deploys 6 sets of tiny plyo jumps and says, "oooh! That was fun!" I couldn't wait 'til they ended and Mindy is drenched in sweat. Next are several variations of lat rows, a small amount of static lunges followed by pinwheel lunges. She continues with butt-kicking lunges...literallly. She performs a set of 8 slow, 16 fast on each side. Then she says, " Ok, now that you know how it works we're gonna do two sets to each side". The first time I did this my jaw fell open because I was sure that was it...finished...over. In repeating these she takes breaks by working tricep & calf or bicep & calf. Squats with ball tosses finish this section.

Floorwork ~ 17 min
Side legs: traditional adductor lifts and double lifts with ball sandwiched between.
Pelvic tilts: adductor squeezes with hamstring/glute focus.
Traditional abs: oblique presses, reverse curls with ball between legs.
Non-traditional abs: Various torso twists that include stabilizing your bent legs in air. Rotational twists where you twist to place a ball behind the back and twist to the opposite side to get it. (She instructs where the movement should be coming from)
Back work: prone (cobra-ish)...extend ball away from body.
Push-ups: split push-ups with one hand on ball, one off. Stabilization in plank position with both hands on ball while lifting one leg at a time varying the angle. Tough stuff!
Repeats the push-ups. She remarks that a smaller ball makes it tougher. Then straight leg push-ups, both hands on ball. Repeats for another set.
Side stabilization: triangle with one arm pointed to sky while pulling hip down to floor then lifting up.
Traditional push-ups without the ball.
After every two or three floor exercises Mindy briefly stretches.

Stretches ~ 2 min
Some brief seated side, spine and hamstring stretches using the ball. She says you can increase the intensity & challenge as you grow stronger by "getting bigger balls," then reconsiders and adds, "don't take that wrong, now!"

Comments She is encouraging during the workout with statements like, "You're so strong, today!" and "What a great job you're doing!" There are plenty of trademark "Wows!" and funny remarks. A great alternative to (or break from) traditional dumbbell/barbell workouts! As such, I felt more challenged using the medicine ball than my Body Bar videos...but that's my opinion. Obviously "challenge" is a very individual thing. Mine is balance. The workout is super effective, engaging a variety of muscles to stabilize the body while performing each movement.

I used the tape with dumbbells before purchasing the medicine ball and I honestly feel the medicine ball is superior. I seem to have greater control balancing and obviously it's less unnerving to toss a bounceable ball in the air than a dumbbell! I used a 4# ball for the warm-up and a 6.6# ball for the rest of the workout. If I had a heavier ball I would have used it during lat, tricep and bicep work. While I feel a weighted ball enhances the workout you can certainly substitute dumbbells, ankle weights or other objects. As a 40 (+er) I am now more aware of how important balance is for my muscular-skeletal system. I feel this workout will help strengthen this area and enhance my performance in other balance-dependent activities: cycling, kickboxing and skiing.