Eric Paskel
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

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I obtained the Xflowsion set through the VF Exchange and have had it for approximately a year. Xflowsion consists of four workouts on 2 DVDs in a single case: Live in Hollywood, Body Blast, Calm Down Dog and Amazing Abs. Also included in the package are two CDs Ė one of which is an audio workout and the other being motivational talking (I think), together with a meal plan booklet and a flow by flow pose guide.

Iíve not followed the meal plan, although I have thumbed through the booklet and it does list foods that I would actually eat, unlike many diet plans. Iíve not listened to either of the CDs either, so am unable to provide any thoughts regarding those.

Calm Down Dog, according to the case, is 27 minutes long. Iíve never timed it, but somewhere in the area of 30 minutes seems about right. In the year that Iíve owned this set, I have used this particular workout numerous times Ė probably on average of at least one time per week - and it has become a favorite. There are several participants in the class (including his wife and his sister) in a bright yellow room with hardwood floors and Eric wanders among them, sometimes demonstrating a move and sometimes adjusting their poses. They are all fit and flexible. No modifier is shown, although Eric encourages you to do only what suits your bodyís abilities. He cues very well and I can do the entire workout with my eyes closed, which I enjoy. There were some complaints on the VF forum about Ericís chattiness and his choice of topics, but I donít mind his talking or his message. I also really like the music, which contains vocals and has a rock/hip hop/blues feel to it. At the end of this workout I always feel happy and relaxed, although I wouldnít call it restorative yoga because there are some challenging parts to it.

Body Blast according to the case is 26 minutes long. Again, Iíve never timed it, but somewhere in the neighborhood of half an hour seems about right. Iíve used this workout several times, although not as much as Calm Down Dog. This is a blend of yoga with some martial art punches and kicks added in. There were complaints on the forum about Ericís yoga and kickboxing form, but not being a yoga or kickboxing purist, Iím not bothered by it, and Iíve never hurt myself following along. I like throwing punches and grooving in rhythm with the music, which I enjoy. The yoga moves include some push up sequences, a warrior II prayer squat sequence and crow (which I havenít mastered yet).

Amazing Abs according to the case is 23 minutes long. I havenít used this workout, although I have previewed it. It starts with standing ab work and then goes to the floor . There are options for two shorter premixes.

Live in Hollywood is 83 minutes long according to the case. Iíve never used this workout either, although Iíve previewed bits and pieces. They are in a different room for this workout and there are a lot more people participating. Music is provided by a live band and there are breaks for free form dancing. Eric brings out a guitar and sings a song at the end of this one.