STS - Mesocycle 2 (Hypertrophy)

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I am surprised to be the first to review Cathe Friedrich's STS Shock Training System Meso 2 Hypertrophy since its been out for a couple years now. This is my favorite STS system out of the three STS Meso 1,2 and 3 strength training workouts by Cathe Friedrich.

The workout is broken down into 3 workouts aa week for 4 weeks. You work 1 body part/muscle group a week. So you work biceps 1 time, triceps 1 time, chest 1 time and so forth. There is 1 DVD devoted to legs each week and it works in giant sets where you repeat 3 exercises for legs 3 times with the same weight. Then repeat 3 more exercises 3 times. Like side leg squats using a 10 inch step, squats and 1 legged lunges. Each giant set has 1 minute rests that go fast.

First week disc 1 is Chest,shoulders and triceps. Cathe does 3 sets for each exercise doing 12 reps, 10 reps and then 8 reps. Then there is a total failure where you lift until you can't lift anymore. Its traditional weight lifting chest press, chest fly, chest press on incline, chest fly on incline. The rests are 1 minute in length so it does make the workout longer if you think about how much you are resting. There are 2 guys in the back, Greg and Rob. Greg is super annoying and constantly grimacing and fixing his shirt and strutting around checking his biceps and chest out. Rob isn't as annoying but still, I don't understand why there was a need to put guys with huge biceps on the workout. Rob's biceps and triceps are so huge that its hard not to notice. He flirts with Cedie alot and she flirts back. The other background exercisers Denise always tries to show off and get camera time. Her face color doesn't match her body(must be too much fake tan). DeaZ another background exerciser is also having a stuck on smile that never changes. I wish Cathe didn't have hired models but used the Cathe gang who are natural and don't ham it up for the camera...ok, I'm off my complaint soapbox!

The workout was long and boring. I used the music off option which made it more boring. But it was nice to workout with Cathe in a slow manner with lots of rests....similiar to Slow and Heavy. Her comments were kind of cheezy. It must be hard to find things to say for every 1 minute rests!!

There is a regular warmup very easy and off beat to the music. The reason why it is like that is because the entire STS was filmed WITHOUT the music and had to add it in later. So that is why its off beat.

There are 2 sets of Flat bench press warmup. The screen has a timer and tells you what's next and shows the rest time. The first exercise is Bench press on flat for 3 sets(12,10,8 reps). Each set has a 1 minute rest. Next is Chest Fly on flat bench for 3 sets (12,10,8 reps). Now, even though she changes reps, she does NOT change the weight. Next is Incline Bench Press for 3 sets and then Incline chest fly for 3 reps. Its a very thorough gym style weight lifting for chest!

For shoulders, its seated front press alternating arms for 3 sets (12,10,8 and then together for Total Failure). Then Altnernating one arm standing lateral raise (12,10,8 and then a set for Total failure). The last exercise is seated Rear delts(12,10,8 reps)

For triceps, its Flat Bench Triceps extensions for 3 sets. Side Leaning One arm overhead extensions on Ball for 3 sets and then kickbacks 1 arm at a time for 3 sets. I was very sore up to 3 days after this workout. Each set has a 1 minute rest So there is alot of camera time for Cathe to explain a move, show form, look at everybody writing in their journal,drinking water, stretching,ect. The end stretch is very small. The DVD also has an extented yoga stretch and also a music Off option which is nice if you hate the music. The music is similiar to Power 90X with a more heavy rock feel to it. But sometimes it changes to pop tunes. Its all non vocal. And Cathe does not make comments about the music because,,ahem, there wasn't any music when filmed..

Each week has some new film footage and brings in new weight lifting techniques like back off sets, double wave load and drop sets. Cathe has a user guide to show all the exercises and explain each week and how new techniques are introduced.

This workout is slow and long. Its for men or women who want a serious HEAVY gym style weight lifting program . Cathe recommends lifting at your 75% of your 1 rep max which can be done on her web site under "workout manager" and STS or 1 rep max. If you do choose to do the 1 rep max, remember that you have to lift pretty heavy. After you get it plugged in a chart, its very simple and the workout manager will tell you what weight to lift. its Very simple and can be printed out easily once you actually take the time to do the 1 rep max. It just takes some patience at starting it and then its very helpful and makes you realize that you should be lifting much heavier than what you "may" think is your heaviest.

Another thing that I found extremely helpful to watch Cathe TV on youtube where she discusses STS as she works out to STS and answers questions. she goes through all Meso 1 , 2 and 3. I like it how she confesses to getting sendentary after filming STS and then when she came back to workout to STS, she had to lift way lighter than when she filmed STS. Cathe is the best when it comes to honesty!

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is natural in this workout. She doesn't wear much makeup. She wears red top with buttons. Her hair is in a side ponytail. She makes good comments on form but doesn't talk about the weight she uses which was annoying. She has a different social talk with the models but is more relaxed with Brenda who is the only one in this workout from past Cathe workouts. Brenda and Cathe are the only natural gals in this workout.

Lisa C