iTread, Set 3, 20 minutes

Grace Lazenby
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Treadmill/Elliptical/Running/Stairs
- Audio Workout

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Length: 20:42

~ Warmup (6:45)
~ Small hill @ 4% (1:45)
~ slow down before big hill (0:30)
~ Bigger hill running @ 7% (1:30)
~ Run flat easier pace (1:45)
~ Fast run (4:15)
~ Fast walk (1:00)
~ slow walk (1:00)

This one felt harder to me than Set 2. I think it because of the higher hill in the middle, and no real parts where you slow down. That is fine for such a short workout (17-18min of running), but it was still intense.

I think that the Set 1, 20 minutes is a much better workout than 2 or 3, and if I were to try only a few of the shorter workouts, I would recommend that one. But a yearly subscriber can try them all, so this is not a bad workout when you want to do something intense in a short amount of time.

Lisa C