iTread, Set 3, 60 minutes

Grace Lazenby
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Treadmill/Elliptical/Running/Stairs
- Audio Workout

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Length: 60 minutes

~ Warm-up (9:15)
~ Warm-up cont - increase incline to 1%, then 2% (3:30)
~ Flat run - base pace (3:00)
~ Fast run or Hill intervals at base pace +.5mph or a 5% grade (about 1 minute each with 1 minute recovery at base pace) (7:00)
~ Fast run - increasing pace by .1 each minute or so (6:00)
~ Big Hill - walk 10% - 12% (4:00)
~ Flat run - base pace (1:30)
~ Fast run - base pace + .4mph (4:00)
~ Sprints - 3 sprints of varying lengths with walking recoveries (9:00)
~ Flat run - base pace (or slightly slower start) and increase by .1 every minute or so (5:00)
~ Cool down run - base pace -.5mph (1:30)
~ Cool down Walk - as fast as you can (2:30)
~ Squats (2 minutes)

I've been struggling with these 60 minute iTread workouts, because my endurance is not great, and I suffer from various injuries with my running if I am not careful. I like to do what Grace tells me to (although I do alter my base pace a little from her suggestions). I usually will only walk if she gives me permission. Today with this workout, I decided to take a walk break every 10th minute (or thereabouts depending on what we were doing). It worked just about perfectly with this one. I was only walking usually when she was instructing us to do a recovery run (or even a walk), so it didn't feel like I was missing out on anything.

So, this workout ended up feeling more do-able to me than the Set 1 or set 2, 60 minute workouts. I'm assuming my couple extra minutes of walking were the reason. But I also think that there is a lot of variety in this one, making it a little more mentally enjoyable, and therefore felt easier.

I liked it a lot and I ended up running longer than I have all year, so I am happy with this workout. I do think the earlier iTrains are a little harder than the later ones (especially if you follow the "jogging" speeds.) I have learned to adjust my speed a little so I can enjoy the entire workout.

Instructor Comments:
I think Grace annoys some people. I can understand why. She yells and screeches and she probably won't click with everyone. However, I am for some unknown reason motivated by her. Even though she basically repeats the same mantras every workout, I appreciate her encouragement and pushing me to work harder than I might on my own.

Lisa C