Walking the Walk: Two Mile Faith Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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This is a two-mile (30 minute) walking-style workout led by Leslie Sansone. It is the DVD included with Leslie’s 2007 book Walking the Walk: Getting Fit With Faith. As of the date of this review you can find new and used copies of the book for under $10 at Amazon (although, if buying used, be sure it includes the DVD!).

Two Mile Faith Walk was filmed on the same bright set as Leslie’s popular 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk (the one where Mary Kay leads mile 2), and except for Mary Kay it has the same cast. (It is not mentioned during Faith Walk, but three of the four cast members have each lost over 100 lbs.!)

Unlike Leslie’s earlier Christian-oriented Walk the Walk workouts, the music in Getting Fit With Faith is secular and will be familiar to Leslie fans. There is some general spiritual commentary from Leslie (e.g., the body as a temple for the spirit, the fact that cast member Vance is a preacher, etc.), but not really much more so than many of Leslie’s other workouts. (The book itself does have a strong Christian viewpoint, with lots of Bible quotations, etc.). There is a separate section on the DVD where Leslie and the cast members talk more specifically about their faith. The walk itself is not chaptered.

As usual, Leslie concentrates on her basic steps: walking in place, side steps, knee lifts, kicks, hamstring curls. No “walk boosters” (upper body resistance equipment) or jogging is included in Faith Walk, and the overall pace is just a bit slower than many of Leslie’s recent releases. However, for me this means it is a good one to pull out when I need to take things a little easier, or if I want to use my weighted vest or belt with my walk.

I’d recommend this DVD to exercisers who do love Leslie but who are getting burned out on the dark Bat Cave set. I think the price of the book is worth it just for the DVD, although those of the Christian faith may like the book as well.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is friendly and upbeat as usual. As noted, there is a bit more "spiritual" commentary in Faith Walk, but unlike the accompanying book it is very general in nature.