Yoga To Go Back To Health Volume 2

Nancy Wile
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga

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This yoga DVD offers three 20-minute sections: Neck and Upper Back, Lower Back, and Back Strength and Flexibility. There is also a bonus Five Points of Posture review (5 minutes).

The first two chapters focus on gentle, yoga-inspired stretches. The stretches are meant to relieve stiffness and tension, and to increase flexibility. The third chapter is designed to build back and core strength. It has more vigorous poses (for example: moving between down dog/up dog, dancerís pose, 3-legged down dog to plank, bow) but still includes lots of stretching plus pauses in childís pose and a shavasana.

The Neck and Strength chapters have both standing and floor poses; the Low Back section is done entirely on the floor. Besides a yoga mat, you will want to have a yoga bolster or folded blanket for a couple of restorative poses at the end of the Neck and Low Back chapters (it is worth the extra trouble!). The Neck chapter also uses a rolled towel.

Nancy Wile leads all three sections solo, instructing in voiceover. She mirror-cues, and I find her easy to follow. She uses the common English names for the yoga poses. Very lovely outdoor canyon setting. The background music is soft, pretty and forgettable.

I recently severely purged my collection of yoga DVDs, keeping only a half-dozen or so. This one made the cut. I especially love the Low Back section for when my back feels tight or sore.

Instructor Comments:
A pleasant, unpretentious instructor. The website is