Yoga Body Burn

Denise Austin
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

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The DVD has four chapters: Yoga Burn (20 minutes), Yoga Legs (10 min), Yoga Abs (10 min), and a "bonus" Yoga Relax (10 min). I have only done the Yoga Burn portion and my review is based soley on this chapter.

I have done the 20 minute Yoga Burn section several times and it has become my yoga go-to DVD. I enjoy Rodney Yee, Baron Baptiste, 10 Minute Solution Yoga, and others, and I very much enjoy yoga, but have found I have a short attention and can only get through 20-30 minutes. I also prefer standing poses to floor work and prefer action packed power yoga to relaxation/meditation yoga. With these preferences in mind, Yoga Body Burn really fits the bill! In 20 minutes of nearly all standing work, you quickly move through vinyasas, warrior poses 1, 2, and 3, eagle pose, crow pose, side angle and extended side angle pose, triangle pose, and "pose of a dancer."

It is extremely fast paced and poses are held for very short periods of time. You do not really relax into the pose, or take any time for meditation or mind-body connection. Instead, Denise's goal is to get your heart rate up by quickly transitioning from one pose to the next. I have never seen other videos move so quickly - this is just about as close as you might come to aerobic yoga. I enjoy this and feel very stretched from the yoga and energized from the fast pace, and the fast pace makes the 20 minutes to by very quickly.

No beginner modifications are shown. Collage lists this is as beginner/intermediate level but I would say it is solid intermediate based on the quick pace and some trickier poses like crow and a vinyasa series that flows with one leg (an interesting twist I have not seen before and it is challenging!).

The music is instrumental and has a good beat (for those familiar with Big Love, it reminds me of the theme music - fun!) Denise's dvds always have a high production quality and this is no exception. Denise works with two background exercisers (both female) and she works through the whole workout "with" you instead of improving form on others as she does in some of her other videos. Background is very pleasant with a large waterfall fountain in the back corner of a very roomy and uncluttered hardwood floor room. Good chaptering, play one or all workouts.

Instructor Comments:
Denise is very enthusiastic, encouraging, and bubbly, with comments like "Show me that smiling face!" and "Yes! That's it! You can do it!" People either like and appreciate her style or steer clear of it entirely. I like her style and it makes me smile as I am working out. For those who are borderline, she is not toned down in this workout.

Emily B.