iTread, Set 2, 20 minutes

Grace Lazenby
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Treadmill/Elliptical/Running/Stairs
- Audio Workout

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Review: Length: 21:05

~ Warm-up (5:30 minutes)
~ Fast Hills (6 minutes) 3 hills at 4% or 3%, with 1 minute break (at base pace)
~ Final Run (4 minutes) - start at base pace and increase by .1 or .2 mph every minute
~ Walk (1 minutes)
~ stretch (3 minutes)

This is a very short workout. Of course, it is labeled as 20 minutes, so this is no surprise, but it's really only 17 1/2 minutes of running (and that is if you turn your treadmill on before Grace tells you to.) I did warm-up a little before I started and kept going a bit after she said to stop, so I could get 2 miles in (I'm not very fast!) That is about the minimum I would ever want to run, so I can make this workout useful with those little changes.

I do like having the option for a really quick and fast run, so I enjoy these 20 minute workouts. I am able to run faster than I can when I do the longer workouts, which probably makes me like them even more.

The music in this is not quite as good as set 1, I thought, and I've heard most of it in other iTreads, but I liked it overall.

Lisa C