Yogini Workout

Ellen Barrett
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Yoga

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Yogini is a 45 minute workout. Performed barefoot. No equipment needed other than a yoga mat.

Chapters included:

Warm Up
Side Angle Crunch
Warrior I Series
Swan Dive Stretch
Chair Squat Series
Seated Stretches

The music was provided by Healthy Living Hit Music. (mywalkingmusic.com)

Again the music was relaxing but I've heard better relaxing music for these types of workouts.

The back cover description of this workout states:

This signature Studio workout is challenging yet relaxing. Can exercise & tranquility co-exist? Yes! And you won't believe how good you feel when they collide! We begin with breathing invigoration, flow into a 30 minute zenful standing series, then spend 15 minutes on the mat, targeting our "trouble" spots - the belly, buns & thighs. The workout is 45 minutes total, moderately tempo-ed - and suitable for all fitness levels.

I totally feel Yogini compliments Ellen's Fat Burning Fusion and Slim Sculpt Studio workouts.

Yogini is yoga core focused calisthenics. With emphasis on the lower body (belly, butt and thighs). However with some of these yoga moves you will work your upper body. Some moves are quick while others are flowy. Some moves she starts out slow and then has you quicken them. Some are held longer than others. Debra shows modifications on all the moves throughout the workout. The camera angles are good as is the lighting. The set is the same as the set in her The Studio workouts.

Ellen states in the workout calm energy charged energy. This workout will allow for muscular energy in and organic energy out. The same as her other two Studio workouts. Also there is that good feeling afterwards. Or maybe its the good energy gained by doing the workout. You definitely feel stretched out, leaned out and you walk taller. All stress free. What a bonus!

There's also a nice feeling of being able to do a workout barefoot with no equipment needed. Yogini along with FBF & SS are all non-space hog workouts.


For people who have issues with wrists, might want to find modifications for some exercises or not hold them so long. Also people with knee issues who hate plies and such, will also want to make modications or not do so many.

I never ended up keeping Ellen's Crunch Super Slimdown so I was concerned about this one. But this one doesn't remind me of Crunch Super Slimdown which is good for me.

This is a keeper!

Instructor Comments:
Ellen is very pleasant with a calm demeanor. She cues excellently and always shows proper form. She is tops in the field of fusion inspired workouts. Its as if she lives the fusion lifestyle.



The third workout in "The Studio" trilogy, Yogini Workout blends yoga, pilates and traditional toning for the ultimate total body shaping experience. (the workout also adds in the element of flexibility training)

The workout is total body focused with an emphasis on women's trouble spots: The abs, hips and thighs. The core strengthening moves also tones and stretches the body. (a timesaver for those that want to strengthen the body and feel "stretched out")

The movements are precise & smooth, moving from one exercise to the next. You will perform many familiar yoga poses (Warrior 1 & 2, down dog, etc) but Ellen adds unique twists. The first 30 minutes is dedicated to standing work and the last 15 minutes is focused lower body/core training on the floor.

The Studio trilogy offers a complete total body system. Each workout in the set brings a special emphasis, enhancing each others benefits. Ellen developed a well thought out program that whether performed alone or together in a rotation, will shape & define "feminine" muscle tone.

Instructor Comments:



This is one of the three original Studio workouts put out by Ellen Barrett (she has also done several Crunch Fitness, Flat Belly, and Self Magazine workouts). It is 45 minutes of yoga fusion work broken down by standing work (30 minutes) and floor work (10 minutes). This is probably the toughest of all the Studio workouts including the newer Studio workouts. It’s one of those workouts that doesn’t seem so hard but really catches up with you by the end. Ellen leads with two background instructors (the same as in her other original Studio workouts-one of them shows beginner modifications) in the same pleasant set. The music is a slow instrumental beat, appropriate for the slower moving video but still keeps me energized.

Yogini has a distinct toning emphasis unlike FBF which is primarily cardio, and Slim Sculpt which is primarily 4-limb and cardio. The Studio workouts complement each other very nicely. I think of Yogini as a harder version of the standing yoga work (the first 10 minutes or so) of Crunch Super Slimdown. They both include Warrior pulses, reaches, and breathing plies. Yogini takes it several steps further and includes some ballet and pilates work. Besides the multitude of breathing plies, there is a lot of static side lunge work with reaches, pulsing crescent pose, plank position, downward-upward dog movements, and leg pulses while in Warrior 3. The floor work is mostly stretching but does include some core work like boat pose (and more pulsing in boat pose).

Like others said, some of the work is slower or held longer, while at other times she pulses or does moves rapidly. The workout transitions very smoothly from one workout to another. While it is a tough workout, your heart rate won’t get into calorie burning range because it’s basically 45 minutes of toning and stretching. Like Ellen’s other videos, she likes to talk about the female trouble zones, opening your heart center, and shaping the female physique. By the end, I always feel stretched, refreshed, and smiling. They are definitely mood lifters! Also, Yogini is much more a fusion workout than a true yoga workout. She borrows yoga poses but there are no vinyasas and like I said she infuses a heavy amount of pilates and even some traditional toning into the workout.

This is an intermediate workout and be somewhat modified to make it less intense (lesser range of motion, etc. as demonstrated by the modifier). This really can’t be made into an advanced workout, although you will get out of it what you put in. I would qualify Yogini as more of a toning workout than a stretching workout, so be prepared to work out (not just relax), and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for a rest day because it can be quite vigorous. Actually I find Yogini difficult to place into a rotation. It doesn’t work flexibility as well as a yoga video would, but maybe wouldn’t tone as well as a Pilates or Barre video. I have used it on lighter or rest days and found it to be exhaustive, and yet when I’m on a regular exercise day I want something more intense. But I adore Ellen so I always stick it in the player every once in a while. Oftentimes I do the first 10 minutes and/or last 10 minutes as an add on to a cardio or strength workout. I also like it for travel because there is no equipment needed. The chaptering is good (every tune lasts about 10 minutes and you can skip to each tune) and you can play the entire workout or skip to one chapter from the DVD menu. Grade A.

Instructor Comments:
Ellen is enthusiastic, encouraging, and bubbly, always smiling and clearly enjoying the workout with you. She does have several “Ellenisms” including “opening your heart center” and “creating the female physique” that she refers to quite often and that might annoy some but it doesn’t bother me. Like I said she highly emphasizes the mind-body connection. She smiles a lot and it is hard not to smile with her! I also enjoy that she looks very healthy and fit, and her wardrobe is more conservative which might be an important detail for those that don’t like the midriffs, low cut pants (I’m talking about you, Jillian!), or cleavage.

Emily B.