Yogaerobics, 5 Element System

Robert Spanicciati

Categories: Yoga

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The 5 Elements are Cardio, Lower Body, Upper Body, Yoga and Breathing/Meditation.

Cardio: He begins with basic cardio moves (step touch, marches, hamstring curls, heels) to warm you up. Robert then teaches moves that are normally done on the step. (one background exerciser actually demonstrates how to do that using a step) Very easy to follow, this segment is 20 minutes including a brief warmup and cooldown stretches.

Lower Body: Standing moves such as squats & lunges with light weights begin the sequence. After a few sets of the above, Robert moves into concentrated floor work. This will work inner/outer thighs, glutes and hamstrings. Ab work and stretches conclude this 20 minute segment.

Upper Body: Light weights again are used in this segment. All areas of the Upper Body are worked, including the back with dumbbell rows and the chest with pushups. This segment was approximately 21 minutes.

Yoga: This segment starts off simple with seated pose and deep breathing. However you will gradually move up to some more intense yoga poses. This includes headstands, shoulder stand variations and fish. This section is also the longest running, clocking almost 43 minutes. (one person shows modifications for the harder poses)

Breathing & Meditation: Robert takes you through some controlled breathing exercises and finishes with final relaxation. The time on this section also runs approximately 20 minutes.

Instructor Comments:
Robert has a small Technical Instruction section where he demonstrates the correct way to perform some of the moves. I would classify this workout for beginners/low intermediate participants.

Pretty outdoor setting. Robert has 2 backup exercisers with him in each segment (except for meditation where he is alone).