Yoga Unworkout 2

Dixie Carter
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Yoga

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I generally avoid celebrity tapes like the plague but it was in the discount bin and it just looked so deliciously goofy and sure enough, it was. This has got to be the goofiest yoga tape ever, and yet, it was strangely refreshing. The tape has two twenty minute sessions for morning and evening, and a 10-minure relaxation section. Dixie makes no bones about her relative lack of yoga experience, and it was nice to see a normal, untrained person with average flexibility trying some of these poses. The first section was relatively easy, with lots of flowy movement and standing stretches. The second section had some more challenging (and at times, unsafe) floor poses.

Dixie at several points reminds the viewers to "please don't mind my silliness." She is very relaxed and loose during the workout, and will at times spontaneously break into song (a little improv which goes "hamstrings, hamstrings, where you been" being the most memorable instance. I kid you not). Other times, the humour comes in her poking fun at her own abilities, or lack of, as with: "this is my weak side, so if I plunge to my death, don't mind me, just keep going." and "slowly and without desperation, release your arms from their misery." At one point during the guided breathing that closes out round 1, she starts talking about showering like a fountain, and the screen shifts to an image of a moving waterfall. As I said, goofy.

By far the funniest moment (worth the price of admission just for this!) is in part 2, just before she concludes her opening ramble on sleep, the "raveling sleeve of care." She lights a candle, and asks "was your day perfect? I hope it was. But just in case it wasn't, why don't you get down on the floor with me." Uh, okay.

Dixie is definitely a yoga amateur here. Her clothes are loose and forgiving, but she pauses several times to adjust them. And she's wearing jewelry. But somehow, I don't think people who are looking for smooth, professional and methodical are going to go for this tape.