Yoga Time: Strengthen I

Marlon Braccia
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Yoga

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This is another of Marlonís 25-minute yoga workouts, a format which I really like when I donít have time to do a full-length workout. This is one part of her strengthening series (there is also a Strengthen II). It starts with a warm-up consisting of forward bends, goes into some pranayama, and then into core work. The workout mainly concentrates on the core, but itís not very challenging for someone who is used to doing that type of thing, whether through Pilates or other yoga work. Itís basically beginner-level ab/core work, except there is a side arm balance which is pretty challenging. The yoga is intermediate, but the ab/core is beginner. Overall, I donít feel really satisfied after the workout. I feel mildly stretched, but not worked out.

Annie S.