Gliding and Bender Method of Body Sculpting

Mindy Mylrea, Leslee Bender
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Gliding Disks

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“Gliding & Bender Method of Body Sculpting” is a 37 min. total body workout co-led by Mindy Mylrea and Leslee Bender. It consists of floor exercises for the work portion (and cool-down), and standing exercise for warm-up & cool-down. Each section always starts w/ a basic version of the exercise performed at a slow pace (2:2 count), then performed at a faster pace (single reps). And then either the ball and/or gliding discs are incorporated w/ more complex leg or arm movements to increase intensity/challenge. The ball is used for stability (placed under or by hips/lower back), increase challenge/unstable surface (placed under side of hip & hand), to increase range of motion in some movements (crunches, roll backs & rotation, arm reaches) or held between knees for inner thigh & core engagement in exercises. The gliding discs are used for mostly lower body (leg/hamstring curl, hip raise, knee pull-ins, squat, leg swings, leg extensions, bird dogs) movements, ab/core exercises (oblique crunches, roll backs onto ball) & some arm (single arm slide/reaches & standing chest press in w/u).

The workout is chaptered by each section, and while most of the sections are brief (2-4 mins), the “Oblique & leg swings” is the longest (23 min) but part of it is sequenced into the chapter for “kneeling abs & legs” (if you select the segment from the menu) so that may have been an editing mistake or a way to create a longer duration of time for the chapter. Some of the exercises & sequencing of the ball & gliding dics floor exercises are similar to 4th combo in Mindy’s “Gliding Extreme” workout that uses the gliding discs & ball (but this workout is much simpler to follow). The two leads are comfortable w/ each other (not scripted chatter), and both cue & explain form pointers well. The transitions from one lead to the next are fluid, not much down time between them (move quickly). Leslee seems like the supportive friend when Mindy leads her exercises because she often says positive comments about the exercises. And Mindy likes to comment how challenging every exercise is w/ the incorporation of the ball in exercises.

This is my first exposure to Leslee Bender & her ball-focused exercises, and though this was not a real in-depth exposure to her style of workouts, I did like using the med ball for support of the lower back & side of body, and to increase intensity (held between knees). I don’t have a Bender ball, but used a med ball of similar dimensions, and it worked fine. I tried this video for some variety w/ gliding workouts, and I liked it. It’s short but a good total body workout w/ progressions to make it more intensive. My favorite exercises were the side lying exercises: leg swings w/ opposite arm reach & arm slides/reaches w/ leg lifts (w/ the ball & gliding discs), they were fun to do (not something I do regularly w/ gliding discs). I do use some of Mindy’s other gliding workouts, and like her professionalism & attention to detail in workouts, she tends to be overly chatty but was not so much in this workout.

Equipment: squishy med ball & gliding discs

Modifications: demoed by both instructors for many exercises

Intro. & warm-up (4:30 min.): Mindy mostly leads this section w/ cues & form pointers, while Leslee adds in some comments (but it’s hard to hear her, sounds like she is mumbling, not adding much input to segment)

Squat (static) w/ feet on gliding discs, and w/ arm sweep/standing chest press (holding ball w/ both hands) to front w/ lowered position of squat, reverse motion w/ lift.

Squat w/ ball circling to right> then left

Single leg (quarter) circles (starts side, rotates around to back then to meet other foot), both legs (ball held in front of body)

Single leg (quarter circles) w/ opposition arms: add the circle w/ ball, opposite side of leg sliding, w/ movement

Squat (static) w/ arm/ball sweep to front> alternating side step> 2 reps each side> add ball circle to same side> static hold squat w/ overhead arms/ball hold> rotate upper body & stretch arms to one side (by thighs) for hold, both sides.

Modification for standing exercises: use chair to hold onto for standing segments, no ball held in hands.

Abs w/ gliding & ball (1:30 min.)

Leslee leads: Start seated w/ bent knees, feet flat on floor. Ball is placed by small of back, body leans into it (mini-C shape spine) w/ arms extended to front> roll back onto ball & reverse motion, 2 counts each direction> pulses in lowered position on ball> Modification: hands held under thighs.

Hamstrings (2:30 min.)

*Sequence of exercises all start from seated position w/ bent knees, feet flat on floor*

Mindy leads: both heels on gliding discs> extend both legs to front w/ body leaning back into C-shape spine & reverse motion> faster pace> Modification: hands held under thighs

Leslee leads: ball is placed by small of back> alternate extending legs forward w/ lean back onto ball & reversing motion> faster pace.

Leslee leads: ball is still held in small of back> alternate leaning back onto ball (w/ c-curve spine) w/ torso rotation to side and sweeping one arm out & to the back (other arm stays extended to front) & reversing motion, alternating sides.

Mindy leads: both heels on gliding discs> alternate leaning back onto ball (w/ c-curve spine) w/ torso rotation to side, and sweeping one arm out & to the back (other arm stays extended to front) and same side leg extends to front, reverse motion, alternating sides.

Leslee leads: same exercise (w/ both equipment) as previous but w/ larger arm reach to back & body rotation to side.

*Sequence of exercises are all performed lying down on floor, body is supine/face-up position w/ bent knees*

Leslee leads: ball is held between knees> Hip raise> isometric hold in lifted position> hip raise & hold in lifted position, then alternate straight, single leg extension (at level of opposite knee)> place ball under lower back & bottom, then extend both legs upward for a stretch.

Mindy leads: both heels on gliding discs> alternate leg extension> hip raise w/ single leg extension: lift hips and extend one leg forward, reverse motion & lower hips, alternate sides> double leg curl: (push legs to straighten & pull legs back to bent knees to return to starting position) w/ hips held off floor> lower hips to ground & kick legs out.

Leslee leads: ball is placed under lower back & bottom, then extend both legs upward for a stretch> alternate flexing & pointing feet> place ball between knees and both heels on gliding discs, then double leg curl, for more intensity: isometric hold w/ straight arms (upward)> pull knees into chest for stretch. Modification: leave hips on floor during leg curls.

Obliques & leg swings (23 min.)

*Sequence of exercises are performed w/ body lying on side w/ legs stacked (w/ bent knee for bottom leg, top leg is straight for Leslee, though Mindy has it bent at times for lesser intensive modification)*

Mindy leads: single arm slide/extension (on angle not straight to side) w/ bottom arm & upper body lowers to floor (other arm rests on floor)> place other hand on ball for more reps> add (top) leg lift to arm extension/slide.

Leslee leads: ball is placed under side of body (abs/waist), bottom arm is bent & on floor, top arm is bent w/ hand on side of head> lower & lift upper body for oblique crunch> bend bottom arm, place hand on ball for more reps of oblique crunch, modification: keep bottom arm on floor the entire time (bends for lowered position, straightens w/ lift).

Mindy leads: perform the leg lift & arm extension/slide w/ ball under side of body & bottom hand on gliding disc, w/ top arm is held overhead> lower upper body to floor w/ arm reach to side for stretch> Modification: top arm rests on floor, top leg rests on floor (no leg lift).

Mindy continues to lead: top leg’s foot is on gliding disc for leg swings> slide leg forward & to the back> add opposite direction arm reach (top arm), or place on floor for modification.

Leslee leads: ball is placed under hip> leg swings front & back w/ arm reach w/ larger range of motion> isometric hold w/ arm in front & leg in back.

Repeat entire sequence on other side.

Kneeling abs & legs (2 min.)

*Sequence of exercises are performed w/ body on all fours (quadruped position)*

Mindy leads next two exercises

Beginner level exercise: both feet on gliding discs> slide/extend one leg to back w/ opposite arm reach to front for Bird Dogs, alternate sides.

Intermediate level: both feet on gliding discs, w/ ball held between knees & lower legs held off of floor (hover few inches)> alternate sliding both legs out to back (almost to plank position) & reversing motion.

Advanced level led by Leslee: equipment held in same areas as previous exercise w/ elbows on floor> alternate sliding both legs out to back & reversing motion, modification: alternate sliding single leg back> slide knees in & isometric hold off ground.

Stretch (4:40 min.)

Leslee leads Child’s pose use (rolling) ball to extend arms forward> roll body up (w/ both hands on ball) to seated position (on heels, feet & shins flat on floor).

Rest of exercises led by Mindy w/ ball & gliding discs:

Child’s pose w/ one arm extended to front, hand on ball, other hand on gliding disc & slide (thread) under extended arm (to side)> place other hand on ball & roll body up, then reverse back into child’s pose> repeat on other side.

From previous position, place ball between thighs & calves> place one hand on gliding disc and slide arm to back (past foot), upper body leans back and other arm overhead & hold, alternate sides.

Start on all fours w/ both hands on gliding discs and ball is still held between thighs & calves> alternate rotating palms/fingertips inward then outward.

Transition from floor to standing position w/ a wide stance for legs> alternate sweeping both arms to each side w/ a plie squat (turned out feet) and a bit of side bend in body w/ each sweep, knees bend when transitioning to each side (and slight heel lift w/ each arm sweep)> Inhale w/ overhead arms & reverse motion.



The dvd alternates the two instructing much like Gliding Gone Wild with the same kind of banter. I feel it in my abs and hamstrings today. There weren't really any new exercises on it. The warmup is circling alternating legs with the gliding discs, then gliding side to side. It is 37 minutes long with 6 chapters.
The first is roll-up preparation alternating the ball and gliding discs then fusing the two. Then they move on to hamstring bridges with variations. Then obliques lifts and leg swings. Next is table top work pulling legs in and out. From there we go into a brief stretch. I like Mindy and Leslee. However, with all the other gliding dvds I have I feel like this is repetitive. I don't have a Bender Ball. I used the same 10 inch playground ball I use for Iballets. There was a stronger influence from gliding than the ball as it was used mostly for support or to add instability. I do like the length since most of my other gliding dvds are an hour long, I now have a time pressed option. I also got a great ab workout.

This is filmed on the same set as the All About series. So people who complained about lighting and production of those will not like this one.

Instructor Comments:
I enjoy the banter between the two instructors. Mindy never seems scripted or stiff. She seems to really love what she does and helping others get fit.

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