Yoga To Go With Misty Carey, Volume III Health

Misty Carey
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Yoga

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In this 1 hour video, Misty combines Kundalini and Hatha yoga moves in a wonderful flowing way. She provides warmup moves to generate heat throughout the body. Then she takes you through postures and exercises. In this tape, volume III, she provides asanas to stimulate and balance the immune system. I did this tape with my 9 year old daughter. I absolutely loved the postures and felt very relaxed and calm afterward. She follows up the yoga exercises with meditations and relaxation. She uses the gong during the relaxation session. I liked the video so much I purchased her Volume II Strength as well. The Strength series uses more warrior poses to build strength, balance and flexibility. She has 4 in the series (Volume 1 is Love and Volume 4 is Abundance). Haven't seen those yet, but I may have to try them!!