Yoga Sessions

Romy Phillips
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga

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The setting is what appears to be a loft setting with wood flooring. The production quality and lighting are good. Romy instructs using voice over.

Each volume has 3 different workouts.

Yoga Sessions Volume 1:

Session 1: Yoga Basics, 30 minutes

This session is one on one with Romy. She uses a block, strap, chair and even a wall in a few poses. This segment is great for beginners due to detailed instruction and the use of props (which allow beginners to get the most out of the poses).

Starting on all four's, cat pose begins to loosen up your spine. Then relax into child pose before going into 1/2 dog. Romy then initiates a shoulder stretch/twist by taking one arm and threading it underneath the opposite arm and leaning into the shoulder you are stretching. Repeat with other arm to stretch opposite shoulder and then move into down dog. (she shows a great modification using the wall as a prop) Then come to front of mat in forward fold & slowly come up. Sun salutations are next. Romy provides good visuals which will allow beginners to develop proper form. She adds & repeats to this sun salute sequence. Next addition is modified crescent pose. After the sun sequence, Romy does some standing postures. She begins with wide legged standing forward bend. Triangle pose with block is shown next. Side angle with block followed by Warrior 1 are demonstrated next. Romy then shows pyramid pose, again using blocks for beginners. A sage twist using the chair & wall are next. Tree pose completes the standing postures. Boat pose begins the floor work & prepares your core. Romy then works the back with swim type movements then relaxes into child pose. Bridge then straight leg seated forward bend follow. Romy does some great hip opening stretches followed by some more leg stretches using a strap. A nice spinal twist into final relaxation finishes this 1st session on Volume 1.

Session 2: Level 1, approx 40 min.

Romy instructs in voice over while 3 students demonstrate 3 different levels of difficulty. (novice, moderate and advanced levels) (sometimes Romy will appear on the screen to adjust the students in their postures) This class like setting will build strength and flexibility. Romy begins with sun salutations, down dog & other basic poses. This is an actual vinyasa flow, meaning you'll move from pose to pose. You'll repeat the sequence several times before moving on and adding poses. (I like that all 3 modifications are shown at the same time so if one pose is more difficult for you, you can follow the person doing the modification you need for that pose) This session builds from the first, adding even more challenging poses. The seated postures come in about 24 minutes into the practice. Romy works the core and adds more flexibility poses in the seated floorwork.

Session 3: Practice with Romy-approx 45 minutes

This sequence is done by Romy, alone with all white background, making her center stage. (she works out to her own voice over) No real modifications shown but if you've built up with first two sessions, you should have no problems here. This practice moves a little faster, but not too fast to get a good stretch. Romy adds some very challenging poses such as side arm planks and balance poses.

All three sessions of Level 1 are great sequences that will challenge all from novice to advanced.

Yoga Sessions Volume 2:

Session 1: Level 1-2, approx 52 minutes

This intermediate session introduces many of the more advanced poses you'll see in session II. Romy uses long holds, as some poses are held up to 5-8 breaths. Romy and one student demonstrate the poses all while Romy herself does voice over. Cat stretch begins the practice. 1/2 dog into full down dog are next. Slowly into standing forward bend then some deep breaths with arm stretches. Romy takes you through several 1/2 sun salutes before taking you through the full salutation. (I love the pace of this session, with the longer holds you are sure to feel it!) Romy's assistant, Brian, uses props when applicable for the pose. This session will define your core and upper body.

Session 2: Level 2, 52 minutes

Vinyasa flow style throughout with 3 students again demonstrating three levels of difficulty. You'll build stamina and strength in this session, which is Romy's most advanced. Tough abdominal poses will tighten and tone all areas of the core. Several new poses are demonstrated, clearly for the more intermediate/advanced student.

Session 3: Relax & Restore-36 min.

This session uses blankets, bolsters and blocks. Romy is alone in this meditative practice. She focuses on the breath to calm the body and the mind. All techniques are clearly explained. This would be a great way to wind down at night and prepare for sleep.

Instructor Comments:
Romy provides detailed form pointers throughout the workout. Her instruction is clear & concise.