Yoga Now Accelerated

Rodney Yee
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Yoga

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I’m a long time yoga practitioner and I get turned off by marketing yoga as a calorie burner or a way to shape your hips and thighs. Not that it can’t do that – it just to me, there is a lot more mindfulness to yoga than sculpting your body. I’ve usually been able to overlook such things. For example I have Mark Blanchard’s yoga set which is heavily marketed with the “sculpt your body” line but I like the practices.

Unfortunately I can’t overlook it in this set.

This practice is 50 minutes and is led by voice over by Rodney Yee and Marilu Hemingway. It appears to be scripted. The set is a brick wall with bright outdoor windows (same set as Budokon if you have seen that one). I think there for music there is some light ambient instrumentals in the background.

The accelerated is touted as the advanced practice / workout but it starts out as a very gentle yoga practice – so far so good. But when they get to the standing poses they do arm swings and low jumps and they advertise this as making the workout aerobic. The arm swings and light jumps are just silly and really ruin the practice.

So not only does this ruin the meditative aspect of yoga but it certainly isn’t aerobic or advanced.

This effort was just so blatant to make money off the yoga craze – I had a tough time getting over that.

If you are looking for a mindful workout I would suggest Willpower and Grace (a CIA workout) or Smart Bells or Mindy’s Strength Tool Box or her Strength and Grace workout (or even the TLP/TLT) – these are workouts that use mindful movements and are way better that this offering.

Christine Miyachi