Yoga Namastacy

Stacy McCarthy
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga

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This 60 minute power yoga class will develop muscular strength, enhance flexibility and improve posture. This is a well structured session for intermediate/advanced level students (beginners to low intermediate students may want to use Stacy's Yoga Body workouts to prepare for this sequence).

The dvd is chaptered as follows:

Play All
Warm Up
Standing Postures
Seated Postures
Finishing Postures

The beautiful outdoor setting enhances the visual aspect. Stacy leads a large class of all levels. (the viewer can see many variations performed simutaneously)

You'll begin with a strong sun salutation sequence to prepare & warm the body. Next, Stacy takes you through an exploration of standing postures. She offers lots of form tips and visual references for modifying the poses. Longer holds offer a way to gain "dynamic strength" in the lower body. Intermediate/advanced participants will enjoy the variety of postures.

Following the standing work, you'll begin the seated/finishing poses. Stacy includes abdominal work to strengthen the core area. Hip openers and inversions are also demonstrated. (some poses, such as shoulder stand, are advanced) A final relaxation concludes the session.

The beautiful setting, diverse class and outstanding instruction make this an enjoyable 60 minute yoga experience. It will enhance anyone's personal fitness program, offering a good balance of flexibility, strength and core work.

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