Yoga Fusion: Power

Teigh McDonough
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Yoga

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I felt this was an OK workout. I've lately been trying out tapes that seem to be in the rise with the meshing of different styles. This one I felt in the glutes & abs and would say it is intermediate level. However, beginners should start with real yoga videos and not this one; I doubt that "airplane" was an ancient yoga pose... er, which gave me a certain dislike of it. A few poses seem a bit silly doing them, not so much the airplane, but a few fast torso twists that feels like flailing, in a way.

This workout reminded me a little bit of New Yoga Challenge with the yoga hops and a few arm circles. There are approximately 3 sun salutation cycles. The first 1 is different, and the last 2 rounds are the same with the second being faster paced. It was well paced from what I remember, but it has been a month since I've done and am listing it on the exchange. I haven't been won over by it enough to do it again. The music didn't stand out at all to me either.

Instructor Comments:
She's there. She's alright.