Yoga for You

Dana Rae Pare

Categories: Yoga

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Here’s a good one! This is a modified Ashtanga workout at an intermediate level, and lasts about an hour. The instructor, Dana Rae Pare gives very good form pointers without talking “too much.” Her style is no-nonsense, but not cold or robotic. The class is taught in a gym-style setting with several participants. No nice outdoor scenery, but the workout made up for anything lacking in that area. It basically follows the Ashtanga Primary series, but cut back to fit within an hour. You also have only a couple of the vinyasas after you go to the seated postures. That makes me happy, because I don’t want to get back up after I sit down! Dana is also the instructor of the Yoga for Men video, if you have that one. This one is a little easier than Yoga for Men. Grade A-.

Annie S.