Yoga for Surfers II: Fluid Power Yoga

Peggy Hall
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Yoga

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Not as much surfer talk as YFS1. The workout is shown done in a studio and out on a beach. A female and a male surfer occasionally do the poses, but it's mostly Peggy. Peggy does voice over work for the most part. She does not mirror cue, but that didn't bother me because her verbal cueing was very improvement from YFS1. Decent chaptering, good production quality. There's the occasional shot of surfers, but I didn't notice it all that much....I was doing yoga!

Here's a breakdown:

Spinal Warm Up - 7 minutes: a nice little warmup with some back rolls seated, seated twists, downward dog, etc.

Vinyasa Flow - 21 minutes: perfect for an intermediate yogini like me. Just when I was about to stop, the instructor said that we were winding down. It's all sun salutations, adding an additional pose in after every round (triangle, warrior two, half moon, prayer twist, etc). The Sun Salutation flow isn't super fast and I was able to keep up (which I'm unable to do in a lot of other "Power Yoga" workouts). Peggy ends this segment with heros pose and childs pose.

Balance and Relaxation - 13 minutes: some fairly tough standing balancing moves in this one (swaying palm, flying warrior, etc.). Then down to the floor for crow, lying back rolls, then up for a couple of boat poses. Peggy makes the full boat pose unique by doing the pose then lying flat on the floor with legs and arms outstretched...then back up to boat pose (very Pilates of her). We finish up with bridge, lying twists and relaxation, etc.

If you're NOT very "new age", you should stop right here BUT for all of you new-agers out there please continue to:

Breathing Techniques (my absolute favorite) - 11 minutes: OMG, I'm gonna start using this chapter as my morning meditation!! I was completely centered when I was done. First, Peggy does Breath of Fire...then adds a mudra AND a mantra. Then she does Breath Of Fire on her back with her head and legs a few inches off the floor (optional, I just laid back completely on the floor). Then Peggy does some ujjayi breathing (4 in, 4 out)...then adds a mudra. The last breathing technique is breath retention (4 in, 4 hold, 4 out, 4 hold) doing a mudra. Peggy works her way up from 4 to 10 breath retentions. Very, very calming!!!

I would totally recommend this one for a low to mid intermediate yoga practitioner. I bought this on Amazon for quite a lot, but I believe you can get it for much less at DDD.

Instructor Comments:
Peggy Hall is upbeat and pleasant. She encourages modification on those tougher poses.

Patti S.


I found this 40-minute workout to be rather bland. Itís a beginner/intermediate vinyasa flow, filmed alternately in a gym-style setting and on the beach. (Why itís not all on that nice beach, I donít know!) I got a little bored with it, but it does have some really good poses Ė for example, TWO bound side angles on each side (one of my favorite things). Iíve decided to keep this for the time being, but it probably wonít be a permanent part of my collection.

Instructor Comments:

Annie S.