Yoga for Life

Ravi Singh
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Yoga

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I'm very much interested in yoga and different approaches to yoga. This is Kundalini yoga. All the poses are dynamic. You don't really hold the pose. You do series of quick stretches like 20 in a row. For a me it was a whole new approach to yoga. I decided to try it.

The video is about 70 minutes long. There is a very little explanation of Kundalini yoga. Ravi is narrated and a woman is performing all the exercises. The focus of Kundalini yoga is on the spine. You suppose to follow Ravi's voice. Almost all the poses supposed to be performed with your eyes close.

Let me tell you something I could not do the whole series first time. Every exercise, I needed to stop and relax. Also this video needed a little bit more explanation. Some of the poses are done with fire breath. He explained very little on how to do a fire breath.

Now, the most amazing thing about this type of yoga that is how I felt the next day. I was doing yoga for a while now. After this video, next day I felt so cleansed and elated like I did not feel in a long time. I think something does get realeased during this video. It does work.

Instructor Comments:
He is a very down to Earth and motivating instructor. You can perform all the poses with your eyes close the very time

Elena Lowenthal