Yoga for Beginners

Judi Rice, Barbara Benagh, JJ Gormley
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Yoga

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This a compilation DVD from bodywisdom media. There are 8 practices each 20-25 minutes long.

From Yoga for Inflexible People (Judi Rice), the practices are Basics (20 minutes) and Standing (25 minutes).

From Power Yoga for Every Body (Barbara Benagh), the practices are Energizing (20 minutes) and Quieting (20 minutes).

From Yoga for Athletes (Barbara Benagh), the practices are Standing (20 minutes) and Strength (20 minutes).

From Yoga for Every Body (J.J. Gormley), the practices are Good Morning (25 minutes) and Good Night (20 minutes).

It's a nice compilation and a good way to try out the above 4 DVDs.

Instructor Comments:
The instruction is detailed and often uses props such as a chair, strap, blocks, and an extra rolled up mat. The instruction is done by voiceover.