Yoga Fusion: Strength & Sculpt

Kim Haegele
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Yoga

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While I like doing this workout, I have to admit it's not too challenging. Some of the sections are better than others. I love the combination of yoga and Pilates, and I think she puts them together well. Grace Lazenby's "All the Right Moves" is better, though, in my opinion, because it's harder and there's more to it. But this is a good workout for a beginner/lower-intermediate or just for a light day.

Annie S.


45 minute workout
A blend of yoga, pilates and sculpting

This one is more of a traditional yoga workout, you start out with the cat pose to warm up the back and going into down dog to stretch the backs of your legs and you raise one leg into the air while in the down dog pose and with the foot that is still on the floor, you raise and lower the heel to warm up the feet and backs of the legs even more. The standing segment has the chair pose, planks, up dog, down dog, lunge pose, warrior II pose and side angle pose so there isn't as many standing postures in this tape as there are in the Yoga Fusion:Power tape but it was still a really nice warm up. You go into the chair pose and hold it to really get the heat going in the lower body and then after the standing yoga poses you go into a plie and you hold it, slowly raise up, go back down and hold it, slowly raise up and then you go back down and pulse it.

Next you go to the floor and start with ab work using the small weighted ball. You start with your knees bent and then you straighten one leg but keep the knees in line and you have the ball between both hands over your head as you're laying on the ground and then you raise your upper body along with your arms and the ball straight up in the air and towards the straight leg and then lower back down, you do quite a few reps and then switch sides...this really fatigues the abs. You do an oblique move where you are laying on your back with your legs on the floor and as you slowly sit up, you bend your knees and twist to one side and then lower back down and switch sides. You do the boat pose three times, resting and stretching in between each one.

Next you lay down on your stomach and you raise your head up and you have your arms out to the side and raised up and you bend your knees with your feet towards the ceiling and you raise and lower your legs to work your glutes and lower back, you also stop and squeeze the knee's towards each other and then pulse it straight up again, very tough move. You rest and repeat this again.

Next you go into the bridge pose but you place the weighted ball between the knees and do pulsing squeezes with your knees, then you go up on your toes and repeat the squeezes, then you place your heals on the floor and raise your toes and repeat the squeezes and then you lower down. Great for the glutes.

Then I think you do a little standing Tai Chi, you move your hands like they're going through honey, that sort of thing, and then you go back down to the floor and this time you sit on the ball and work the upper body using the breath and you use light weights to do bicep curls into a military press for one set of 8 and then you do side lateral raises at a quick pace using the breath again, then you repeat the whole sequence again.

Next you start floor stretches. You do a seated forward bend, then you do the bridge pose again, then you lay on your back and bring one knee towards your chest and fold the opposite leg on top to stretch the hips and then you go into a seated twist.

This is a great tape to build strength from both yoga and pilates. Kim is a great instructor with excellent form throughout the work out. Intermediate/Advanced workout. I really enjoyed this workout and give it an A.

Dawn Henson