Yoga Booty Ballet Live: Light & Easy

Teigh McDonough, Gillian Marloth
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Yoga

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I like to save this workout for days when I'm feeling a little down and want a "pick me up" workout. It's probably the easiest of the YBB Live series, but despite the title the workout is still a little tougher than you might think. I like to pick up this workout when I'm feeling low on energy, and somehow it always tricks me into working a little harder than I might intend.

The workout starts with intention setting and then a kundalini exercise that Gillian and Teigh call polishing the aura - you move your hands up overhead and then down by your side to touch the floor, doing a breath of fire. They do this for a decent amount of time, and by the end I can feel my shoulders getting tired and the good effects of the movement.

After that, the warm-up transitions into some dynamic stretching and moves to loosen up the shoulders, feet, and core. Then, cardio!

I find the Light & Easy cardio to be the simplest and least imaginative of the YBB Lives, but it's still fun and a little goofy... step-touches with a lot of hip, little hand motions to go with the movement, and shimmying all make an appearance. Gillian and Teigh trade off cueing the moves and their banter and rapport make the cardio portion of this workout fly by. Everything is taught TIFT-style.

After cardio, the workout moves into a little standing ballet. There isn't nearly enough of this to build up any intensity (I wish there was more), but the moves make you feel graceful before you move to the floor for abs with a ball. Stretching and a closing mudra finish off the workout.

Instructor Comments:
Gillian and Teigh are fun, positive, and engaging instructors.

Sandy J


I did this yesterday after doing a really hard 1 hour total body cardio & weights workout the previous day. Read: DOMS! I had so much fun. I am a yoga fan, and am trying to work more positivity and self-affirmation into my daily life. I felt so good during and after this workout. I really appreciate the exercise options presented in YBB.

Instructor Comments:
Cute, positive, wonderfully synched team teachers



Workout time: 39:00

Set: One of the class workout rooms at Swerve Studio.Beautiful bright, colorful set. Candles in the background. Hardwood floors, blue mats. Everyone is in bright, colorful, appropriate attire.

Class: All shapes and sizes and colors. No men in this particular one, though they do appear in many other YBB Lives. Many you will recognize if you have other YBB Lives. The ever-present and sweet Heather is there, as well as someone I think is a friend, Jodi.

Music: Ravi on drums (as is the case in all YBBs), it is mellow, nice music. I liked it.

Workout begins with the typical YBB breathing, mudras, and intention setting. I love this, but I know some people don't really like a spiritual aspect to their workouts, so it bears mentioning.

Warm-up consists of dynamic stretching, which goes a little too fast for me. I don't really like to bounce stretches. There is a short set of ab work during the warmup. They do stir the pot, shoulder rolls, and stretches. They do mention rejoicing and being thankful, but not really in an obtrusive way.

Cardio portion includes marching, step behinds with arms, taping front and back, leans, a small section of squats, knees up, shimmy shaking and other pretty easy to learn, basic steps.

The section after the cardio includes ab work with the squishy ball, ballet moves for the legs and "booty" and yoga stretches with the ending mudra.

There is a great deal of TIFTTing (take it from the top), so if you don't like that you probably won't like the YBB Lives. Though I do love these, sometimes I do get a bit frustrated with doing the beginning moves over and over and only doing the end moves once or twice. Some of the most fun moves are at the end of the workouts. I also wish you had an opportunity to do the whole routine a few times through.

All of the Lives are fun, but definitely light cardio. This is the lightest of all of them. I like it for days that I am not "supposed to be" working out or when I am tired. There is absolutely NO dread factor, so this would be great if you have a hard time getting going sometimes.

Ordering info: These are available through and Swerve Studios, if you call them. Swerve is faster and has better customer service, but shipping is pretty high.

Instructor Comments:
I just absolutely love Gillian and Teigh. They are everything I would want in an instructor: challenging, but not in a competitive way, fun, silly, but serious when needed. They have a great chemistry together. They both are in great shape, as usual.

I love the way they are sort of casual in the liveness, but still get the job done.

Krista (benemma)


I just finished the newest addition to my YBB collection, “Light & Easy,” and wanted to give some impressions in this, my first actual review. I think this is a nice introduction to the YBB style, and a pleasant beginner level workout. I’m not certain I’ll keep it in the long run, but I did enjoy it.

Firstly, I needed a workout like this today. It is very hot in Dallas, and the allergens are wreaking havoc on my throat. So no heart- pumping workout for me today, although I am probably high intermediate most other days (Cathe, P90X, SS, etc).

The set is prettier than the other YBB Lives— pink and orange curtains with windows instead of the brink wall. The music is familiar stuff, with Revi on drums. The cast comprises all female students in brights and pastels, and Teigh has a floral bra top that I think is adorable—the scene is set for a very girly workout!

One of the warm-up creas is “shining your aura,” which may have made me giggle or roll my eyes a year ago, but I smile un- ironically when doing these now! I actually do feel some of what Teigh & Gillian describe, and have come to enjoy setting an intention before working out, and repeating the mantras afterward.

The workout itself is very basic—step touches, knee ups, walk forward & back—but there is the YBB flair to each move. Plus, you’re barefoot, which is so freeing! The ladies teach add-on style, and take it from the top after each addition. 20 minutes later, you move to plies, then ab work on the floor, using the YBB squishy ball. A brief stretch, and closing mantra, and they instruct us to go into the world and “Spread Love.”

Instructor Comments:
Teigh & Gillian team teach add on style, and are very encouraging and sweet.