Yoga Body: Lean & Defined

Stacy McCarthy
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Yoga

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This approximately 60 minute beginner/intermediate practice will tone and enhance muscular definition. The workout is chaptered as follows:

*Yoga Fundamentals
*Standing Postures
*Seated Postures
*Back Bends
*Bonus Workout Intro
*Bonus Workout

Stacy's precise cueing and form techniques ensure a safe practice. She also shares tips on using props for beginners.

The beautiful set and soft music help to set the tone for a great session. The pace of the practice is perfect for those new to yoga and it will also benefit seasoned yogi's by allowing them more time in the poses. (it's more restorative yoga)

Stacy begins with yoga stretches that will gently warm the body. Beginning on all 4's, you'll perform cat/cow to articulate the spine. You'll continue to work the spine with alternate leg & arm extensions. Stacy also includes some side stretches and deep shoulder stretches (always keeping focus on the breath). Child's pose into down dog for 5 full breaths complete the warm-up.

Next you'll move into the powerful standing poses beginning with triangle. You'll also explore side angle pose, twists and wide legged standing forward bend (which Stacy demonstrates several times). She then moves into the standing balancing postures. Following this you'll release the back (and stretch the hamstrings) with a nice forward bend.

The seated postures begin with a deep forward bend. A table top pose follows. Next, making a wide diamond shape with the legs, you'll fold into the pose to stretch the groin and inner thigh. You'll then lower your back to the floor maintaining the diamond shape, continuing to stretch the area fully. Hugging knees to chest, you'll prepare for a twist. From here, Stacy works the obliques by bringing hands behind head and performing a crunch. Next you'll stretch the hamstrings by bringing one leg up and pulling it into the body. (beginners can use a strap if necessary) A bridge pose follows which is also great for toning the glutes and hamstrings. (Stacy demonstrates several versions of bridge from easiest to the most difficult) Stacy then performs a wonderful outer hip stretch which leads into a twist for the lower back/hip area. You'll then rest in corpse pose to finish the practice.

Bonus Workout: "Fire Up Flow"

This 10 minute challenging flow would also be a good "flowing" warmup for the regular practice. Using the sun salutation in an easier version, you'll progressively move through the poses slightly faster to get a "cardio bonus". Standing postures and leg exercises will increase lower body strength. Lots of unique variations are offered which makes this "fire up flow" stand out from others. (for beginners, this quick bonus may be something they can work up to as they master the actual workout)

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