Yoga Body: Fat Burning Workout

Stacy McCarthy
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Yoga

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One step up from her previous title in the Yoga Body series, this workout utilizes sun salutations to increase the heart rate and enhance fat burning. A true intermediate level session, you'll enjoy the following chapters:

*Warmup and Standing Postures
*Seated Postures
*Back Bends
*Bonus Workout

Using more active poses, you'll begin to warm the body and prepare for the dynamic standing postures. Stacy gently guides the viewer through various versions of the sun salutations before entering into the standing work. Stacy makes the yoga poses accessible with her detailed cues and guidance. The flow is somewhat faster than Lean & Defined, however it's still at a pace that is fluid (and allows for deeper exploration of the poses). Lots of variety, allowing the intermediate student room to grow in their personal practice.

Deeper stretches, twists, core work, back bends and finishing poses are all included in the seated sequence. The pace slows down and you'll focus more on the breath and the release in the poses.

Bonus Workout: "Yoga Secrets to Sexy Abs"

Here, Stacy puts the focus on poses that enhance the toning benefits of the entire mid section. (you'll feel it!)

This practice, along with Lean & Defined, provide a straight forward approach to yoga. Nothing complicated, instead you'll get easy to understand descriptions of the perfect yoga postures to tone the entire body. (a personal favorite!!)

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