Yoga Bliss Hips

Ravi Singh
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga

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I loved this workout! I own most of Ana & Ravi's DVDs, but I'd never done this one. I got the yen to do it this morning; 4 months of FIRMing had left me a little stiff.

Ravi and Ana have made quite a name for themselves with their kundalini yoga workouts, and this one is one of their best, in my opinion. Forget traditional Indian style sets. The set is modern, bright and white with no color except a pink shag rug (yes, shag) and the turquoise of Ana's outfit. Ravi's voice provides beautifully intoned instruction and mantram, and the music is hip southeast asian.

The DVD can be done in its entirety, which is recommended, or broken down into shorter workouts of either 45 minutes (2 workouts) or 30 minutes (3 workouts, I think). The back of the DVD case said the entire workout was 60 minutes, but it's actually more like 75 minutes.

Traditional yoga poses like Downward Dog, Pigeon and Camel are given a new twist with the addition of breath of fire. There is also a section with alternative nostril breathing, which I cut short because I felt dizzy. The goal of this workout is to work you out from the inside out. Those looking for lots of strength and power work should try Bryan Kest or David Swenson.

That's not to say I didn't break a sweat, because I did. But I also had other breakthroughs, mostly of emotional blockage, from one section that has you seated and punching forward as Ravi instructs you to release your anger. It's a much safer and more effective method than giving someone the bird and cutting them off in traffic. LOL!

I give this an A+. I feel incredible, and I think Ravi & Ana have put therapeutic yoga into a new light.

Instructor Comments:
If Ravi could turn his voice into a pill, he'd put every anti-depressent and anxiety drug manufacturer out of business. :D