Yoga Beginnings, Cultivating Awareness

Daniel E. Hickman
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga

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The Practice (entire session)
Head & Neck Rotation
Shoulder Shrugs & Rolls
Shoulder Twists & Arm Circles
Arm Extensions
Spinal Undulations
Side Stretches
Spinal Twists
Hip Openers
Deeper Exploration of the Hips
Forward Bends
Pelvis Rocking & Flip Flop
Final Relaxation
Closing Remarks

Daniel works alone in a studio with wood floors. The music was instrumental (soothing guitar ragae) and worked well with the session.

The Practice:
Daniel begins on the floor and remains there for the entire session. Deep breathing helps to prepare your body for the simple, easy but effective exercises to come. These exercises are demonstrated with great awareness to safety and observations within the body. (almost having a physical therapy aspect to them) Beginners will find the practice easy to follow and intermediate/advanced practioners will heighten their awareness of their body and obtain a deep relaxing stretch. You can begin your session with any chapter, customizing it to your needs. (Tight hips? Try the hip opening sequence. Hard day at work? You might benefit from the shoulder sessions) The entire session runs just over 30 minutes and Daniel ends with a wonderful final relaxation.

I highly recommend this workout. It's made for all levels and will leave the viewer fully relaxed and stretched. If you are looking for a great restorative yoga practice, this is it.

Instructor Comments:
Daniel is a nationally certified instructor and he provides excellent cueing. His form tips are outstanding and will ensure safety and joint mobility.