Angles, Lines & Curves

Kari Anderson
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Abs/Core , Total Body Workouts

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How much floor space is needed?
What impact level (low, high, mixed)?
Is it safe to do on carpet (i.e. not lots of pivots/turns)?
What is the length of the workout (including how long the warm-up and cool-down are)?
With strength work, I am an intermediate exerciser, who doesnít really want to move up to advanced work. Most of the time, I do traditional strength work with weight. However, I have enjoyed branching out into Pilates and workouts on the ball as well. I especially enjoy fusion workouts, tapes that blend Pilates with other disciplines like traditional strength work, ballet, the ball, etc. That is why I really wanted to try this workout. I recently tried ALC II, but found it was too hard on my body. I donít mind hard workouts, but I donít want them to be hard on my joints. Someone loaned me this workout to try it out.

The way I would describe the series of exercises is as follows:

> Warm up
> Series of moves that include planks and work the legs. These moves are propped on your hands.
> Series of moves seated in what Kari calls an ďSĒ shape. They work the legs and hips.
> Series of moves that work the legs while lying on your side
> Leg series while sitting
> Lying on floor Ė pelvic tilts and lifts
> Lying on floor Ė inner thigh work
> Ab work lying on floor and sitting
> Series of planks and pikes Ė moves require you be propped on your hands
> Stretches

Kari leads a group of background exercisers. She said at the beginning of the tape that they show different levels of flexibility, but in much of the workout I had trouble telling. They all looked more flexible than me. Kari gives form pointers and suggested alternatives throughout the workout. She also gives extremely detailed explanations about how parts of the body should be placed that flow with the workout. She explains as you do the moves; itís not like you sit and listen to explanations and then do the moves. She makes me feel itís okay if I canít do the moves to their full extent, if Iím not flexible or strong enough.

The music is light pleasant jazzy music. She encourages you to use all the beats of the music several times, so she uses the music as a tool. She also has fun with some of the moves.

There are two sections with moves that require you to be propped on your hands Ė one at the beginning and one toward the end. This did not frustrate me as they were compact sections, instead of the moves being spread throughout the workout. Sometimes I will do them, other times I wonít. It will simply depend on how my joints are doing.

Overall, I like this workout. I need to see if I can get a copy for myself. I think it will be a good workout for days I donít feel like lifting weight, but want to feel pleasantly worked out.

Instructor Comments:
Kari is probably my favorite fitness instructor. She makes me believe I can do her workouts and, if I can't, that it will come with time.

Laura S.


ANGLES, LINES, AND CURVES is a nice blend of yoga and pilates-type movements, yet it is different from both of these disciplines. Instructor Kari guides you through simple, focused movements which target mainly the lower body with some focus on the abdominals. The workout is broken down into different segments, with each 5-6 minute segment consisting of several different exercises; following the warm-up, most of the segments are done on the floor. Some of the movements are challenging, but overall, it the workout is not overly strenuous, and the segmented format helps the time (45 minutes total) go by quickly. This a nice video that's challenging at times but also gentle enough for lighter days, for taking a break from weight training, or for just feeling stretched and relaxed.

Instructor Comments:
I liked Kari, who reminds me a bit of Karen Voight--she explains the moves simply, executes the exercises with perfect form, and does little chatting during the movements.

Beth C (aka toaster)


This is my first Kari Anderson video and I think she's great! She has a very pleasing, relaxed, natural way about her - non-scripted and she's very encouraging and inspiring as well.

Instructor Comments:
I love this video!!!! I won't go into detaild describing all the elemtents because many have already done a great job at that. What I like about this video is that it is PERFECT for in between strength training days when you want to do more non-strenuous exercise and stretch out your body. Although it is dance-inspired, there isn't actually a lot of dancing in the video. I would describe it as pilates and yoga poses fluidly moving into each other to very relaxing music. Some of the moves are quite challenging and take some serious concentration to do. The set is very lovely (muted white, gauzy curtains with the silouette of tree limbs behind them) and the music is great! A little new-agey in a good way.

I am anxious to try Angles, Lines & Curves II which I understand is more toning-oriented.

Overall, I highly recommend this workout!



I bought Kari Anderson's Angles, Lines & Curves for my husband as a Christmas gift. We are avid downhill skiers - usually skiing both days each weekend from Thanksgiving through May. We hike and backpack all summer. We train for skiing and the other sports we enjoy by participating in Sports Conditioning classes at our gym. We also make sure we get some steady state cardio workouts. We lift weights as we have time. This video is a very good fit for us. We typically do it on a "rest day" after interval work or after skiing. It really stretches our muscles and makes us feel loose and fluid. I have only been doing this video for a month, but I can already see improvement in my flexibility. I like the stabilization work as well. I think this video is a particularly good match for athletic people who want stretching and flexibility work, but who don't like yoga. The time goes by very quickly in this video and I find I am interested from beginning to end. The music works very well in this video.

Instructor Comments:
Kari is great. Her cuing is very good and her demeanor is so pleasantly friendly. Her graceful form is very inspiring.



When I read the description of this video in Collage, it intrigued me. I have a background in dance, and I enjoy yoga and floorwork. I was also looking for something a bit different. I ordered the video, and I was NOT disappointed.

This video just flows. It is definitely dance, yoga, and Pilates-inspired. The exercises are deceptively challenging, as long as you pay close attention to form. You WILL feel your muscles working. I do this video when I want a little extra--I do strength/cardio in the morning, and I do this one in the evening. I use it in place of a yoga tape. I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner, since many of the moves require a good deal of muscular control, but low intermediates to advanced will like it (provided you like the style).

The production quality is excellent. From the set (the white flowing curtains in the studio, the shadows of trees in the windows, and the white candles along the wall) to the music (relaxing, new-age instrumental with lots of piano--reminds me a lot of barre music for ballet), it just all fits together. Add Kari Anderson to the recipe, and you end up with a video not to be missed!

One complaint I have, and it is MINOR, is with the ending credits. The video goes from a nice, relaxing, beautiful ending to film clips of Kari and her background exercisers having their hair and makeup done to more upbeat music. It kind of spoils the mood for me. Not a big problem, though--I just shut off the tape before the credits roll. All in all, a tape not to be missed for any Kari fan, and for many other people as well! My copy will NEVER see the exchange!

Instructor Comments:
What can I say about Kari! She is perfectly suited to this video! It suits her creativity, beauty, strength, flexibility and grace. She achieves the balance between encouragement and reassurance. Her form and her cuing are impeccable, as always. Even if you didn't actually do the workout, it would be worth watching just to admire Kari's grace and strength.

Kristin Aziz


I love this video which really surprised me. I was looking for a different flexibility routine. But I don't like power yoga for this purpose because it's too taxing on my legs so I can't relax in some positions even though it does improve flexibility a lot. I also wasn't a great fan of Kari. Her Sweat Express is o.k. but I didn't like Bench Works. After that, I didn't want to buy any more of her tapes. But because of VF, I was curious about this tape. Most reviews were so positive & I figured Collage would let me return it if I didn't like it. Well, I'm not returning it & I'm so grateful to the reviewers. This tape is so beautifully produced. The movements just flow well & is put together so creatively. I really feel concious of every movement. This tape celebrates the beauty of our bodies & the joy of movement. There's some toning but it's not taxing like power yoga. I do the Method & Super Callanetics tapes. These two tapes are effective & I can already tell they work for me. But they are boring. I have to break up the S. Callan. tape just to make it through. This tape is not (one of the reviewers said the same thing). Also the Method & S.Callan. is more toning while ALC is more of a flexibility type training. I'm doing it as an after workout stretch. Now that I like this tape, maybe I'll give Kari another chance. 2 The Max sounded good from the reviews.

Instructor Comments:
Kari is so elegant & classy. She is perfect for this video. You can tell she was a ballerina because she moves so gracefully. But she is not intimadating (sp.?) & is always encouraging you.

Helen Stephens


I just don't like it. I guess it depends on what you're looking for. I was looking more for a relaxing, stretching, de-stressing type of video and this is more (in my opinion) yoga-like. I've tried some basic yoga and didn't care for that either. I did this workout twice revving myself up for some relaxing stretching with no work involved. This workout involves some work and just wasn't my cup of tea. On the other hand, if you're looking for a yoga-type workout, this seems more along those lines. But if you're not a yoga person, like me, I'd skip it.

Instructor Comments:
Very sweet and likeable



This was an early Christmas present for me and I really like it. It is so different from every other tape I have. While I agree that if you are regularly doing yoga already this may not be much of a challenge, if you aren't, it will be. And, while it incorporates some yoga moves, it's not yoga so it may be more appealing to people who have tried yoga and not liked it. If I had to describe it, I'd say it was sort of dance/yoga inspired (maybe pilates but I've never done that) but I think more approachable than yoga.

Having taken ballet for many years up through college, I found that there were a lot of familiar moves, which is not surprising considering Kari's ballet background. I found the tape very relaxing but also found myself using muscles in a completely different way, which is what she intended.

This tape will definitely have a place in my rotation. It doesn't totally relax me, like some of my yoga tapes, and it's not a tough strenth workout - but I think it would be a great tape to do once a week to challenge my muscles in a different way, and to get some added flexibility training.

Oh, and I love the music!

Instructor Comments:
Kari is encouraging, as usual, and very low-key and relaxing on this tape. Her form pointers are good and she goes at a good pace.

Dana Shepperd


I did this video for the second time last night because I agreed to trade it with someone and wanted to give it one last shot (If I discovered I wanted it after all I was going to drive over to ProRobics and buy a new copy.) The first time I did it was right after I did Advanced Tae Bo so I thought my initial lukewarm respsonse might have been due to exhaustion.

Well I won't be buying another copy and am still puzzled about all of the great reviews. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad tape. Curing's good, set's ok, background exercisers are fine, music's ok (I can't place it, though it's very familiar). But it's not a great tape, either.

My comments:

This might be a good, very gentle workout to be done late at night for relaxation purposes, or maybe when coming back after a tough illness or injury, but I just didn't find it challenging(maybe because I'm used to live yoga classes and Bryan Kest's Power Yoga tapes.) I really tried to focus on form and try to get the most out of every move, but the most challenging part was keeping my feet from slipping out from under me during the triangle (down dog) pose because Kari says to do the workout on carpet but never mentions using a yoga mat for traction (which would actually be in the way during other parts of the workout.)

So for a total beginner or a late at night/gotta-do-something workout, or maybe a first thing in the morning/can't-handle-anything-too-hard workout, or maybe for a post-workout cool down and stretch this might work, otherwise it's totally ho hum. For pilates-style workouts I prefer The Method Precision Toning, and for yoga I prefer Bryan Kest's Power Yoga series.


Instructor Comments:
Kari explains the moves well, and is very serene.

Renee Drellishak


After reading the reviews, I bought this tape as I really enjoy Method Precision Toning and I noticed someone made a comparison between the two without describing it. I wanted to elaborate on this so other readers will have a better understanding about the differences of these two videos. First of all, while I enjoy the incredible stretch I feel after Precision Toning (PT), I have to force myself to do this workout since it is somewhat boring. I did not find this to be the case with ALC. PT takes you through a series of unique crunch-type movements which tone your abs while stretching your back and hamstrings, all of which I believe create length--when you finish this workout you feel taller. In ALC, you will see some of these same movements, but in addition, there are also athletic stretch movements, and yoga inspired movements, together giving you a great all over stretch, but mostly an unbelievable stretch in your leg. ALC stretches your leg muscles using unique poses to reach muscles that typically don't get stretched in exercise video.

I thought ALC was a more motivating tape to do (I don't keep looking at the clock to see how much longer), and like I said, makes your legs feel great, but PT really improves your posture and strengthens your abs, something that I don't feel ALC does. So, while I will do ALC for the leg stretch and because I feel it is relaxing and invigorating at the same time, I will keep PT in the rotation and force myself to do it because I really have noticed an improvement in my posture. I hope this wordy description did not confuse anyone!



This video is about 50 minutes and is NOT an aerobics video, but a "dance inspired" stretch. All the moves are using your body weight and gravity as resistance, along with balance. I've never seen just about any of the moves before (but I never had taken dance classes either). The moves really aren't "dancy", but requires some athletic ability. The workout is divided into approximately 8-10 segments, which last a few minutes each. I like the presentation and find it a "relaxing" workout. I use it after another aerobics tape and do about 15 minutes. While it is both challenging and relaxing, I don't think I could do the whole tape at one time; I thinked my attention span is too short. But, it is a very good addition to my exercise routine (something I really need-I feel I don't stretch enough) and it's a nice, fun way to add stretching to my workouts.

Instructor Comments:
Kari is her spectactular self. Good cueing and LOTS & LOTs of form pointers. She is very encouraging and talks as if you were right there in her class.



This is not like any other workout video on the market. The subtitle on the cover calls it "dance-inspired stretch and body contour." You will tone, stretch, and lengthen all at the same time, which is what the Method tapes do as well, but this is completely different. Kari's tape is more dance-oriented, but there are other differences, too, that I can't really describe. I think this is one of those tapes you just have to see in order to know what it's all about.

While I had a good time doing this, I don't plan to keep it. It's really just not my style. I personally prefer either more stretching or more toning. But I still would have to give this an A.

Instructor Comments:
Kari is just beautiful in this video -- so graceful and elegant.

Annie S.


Kari calls this workout "Special" and it is! This is truly a unique video. There aren't many stretching videos out there to choose from that don't have yoga in them. Finally a beautifully made stretch and strengthen video to use on days when you want to relax.

The music is wonderful. The whole workout is done barefoot.

Kari starts off with a nice warmup with hips shaking and plie's and side reaches. Also some stretches for your calf and hip flexor. Kari makes sure your angle is just right. Kari shows perfect form. You also balance on one leg while the other leg goes back with your arms extended and you go from 45 degrees to 90 degrees. The music on the warm up is very motivating with a nice beat.

Then you go on your hands and knees with some exercises for your back. Cat type stretches. Then you lift your leg out with the opposite arm stretching forward. Then you slide back and forward as you keep parallel to the ground. Then you extend the leg up as high as you can while you bend your elbows down and like a pushup. There are other exercises for your back. The music is from the stretches from CIA 9801. I love this music!

Then there are exercises for your legs while you are sitting up and also laying down. It is a swinging flowing move that is hard to describe but they are fun to do. She also does some neck stretches and outer hip stretches. Kari keeps giving tips to make sure you are doing the move right. The leg exercises didn't seem that hard. They are done slowly and controlled. Nothing like Firm 1!! But I really enjoyed the stretches that Kari does after the toning. Like the pretzal type stretch and then you bring the supporting leg up and curve your back and you feel a nice stretch in your outer hip and hamstring. The music was a nice jazzy song( all the music is instrumental with no vocals).

There is some toning for your glutes and hamstrings lying on your back. It is like a bridge exercise but you use your foot for resistance. Then you raise your leg up in the air and lift it down to make it harder. Then you do a really nice hamstring stretch.

There is nice inner thigh exercise where you lie on your back and bring your legs out and bend your legs but try and bring your feet together, then your knees. Then you do this great inner thigh stretch by bringing your legs out and roll your lower back off the ground while you support yourself with your hands. I felt so much more flexible with each stretch. Then you do some pike stretches with your shoulders off the ground, some quad stretches and others. One is a wonderful lower back stretch that I love where you lay on your back and bring your knee up to your chest and drop it to the side as you look the other way. So nice! The final stretch has wonderful piano music and lit candles. How can anything be more relaxing? You do some more stretches in a straddle position. You can tell Kari was a ballerina since she is so flexible! You also do a nice hamstring stretch and runner's stretch too and a stretch for your calves that is very unique. So Angles, Lines and Curves is toning using your own resistance and also nice stretches too with nice relaxing music.

The set is bright windows covered with nice flowing curtains and soft carpet. It is the same Great Moves set but they have make it much more warm with carpet and beautiful curtains. Kari is wearing a blue leotard.

This is a video that everyone should have!

Instructor Comments:
Beauty and Grace is what describes Kari Anderson. Her sweet gentle cueing is perfect as well as her form. She is so uplifting to workout with. She says,"This is your last one, make it a beauty.." Kari is very encouraging and I felt that she brought a positive warm happy feeling to my home through Angles, Lines and Curves. Thankyou Kari!

Mandy Lee


"ALC is body art in space..." from the cover of Angles, Lines & Curves

I ordered this from Collage Video and the salesperson was surprised and delighted it was in stock since their new edtion is due next week and there have been numerous request for it. I got it this past Saturday and have done it three times...and will do it when I'm finished writing this review. All day, and even now I'm noticed my posture, my abs and shoulders.

This is the purpose of the video.

It is beautifully produced with soft lighting, muted colors and light jazz and new age music. Kari, as with all of her videos, tells you the outline andf purpose of the video workout. She tells you of her love and enthusiam for "movement training."

Each segment begins with a sepia-tone shot which also shows you the position to be in for the following group of exercises.

The warm-up begins with deep breaths and plies. There is stretching and balancing all throughout the workout. While on all fours, you'll do the cat stretch to loosen the back and very slow and controlled leg kicks that also require using all the muscles to stablize yourself while touching your forehead to the floor. Some moves are Pilates-based such as the front support or plank position. Later in the video you go from a front suport to a triangle (call it downward facing dog if you will) then back to plank. Then you do it while creating a straight line from head to toe while coming up on one leg then returning to front support.

You'll stretch your hamstrings while on your back. However, if you know Kari, it will develope into something more pike position, very controlled lifts that will remind you that you actually have quads and some Pilates-like stomach curls. (Feel that curve!))

Some of the side-lying exercises consist of legs at a 45o angle (there's that word again) in which you open your legs like a clam shell followed by very slow and precise side leg lifts. Your arm moves parallel to the working leg.

Breathing is important and she reminds you to breath constantly.

I know many video exercisers prefer high energy workouts and a movement video like this may not be their cup of Tazo. But movement training is important so if you're the high energy type you may want a martial arts video. I've noticed within the last few years that quite a few movement and mind-body videos have come out. Many of the top video instructors are now in their late 30s early 40s (the younger disco era baby boomers like me).

Many have been fit most of their lives, other, Victoria Johnson for example, became fit in adulthood. Movement training and weight training is important to keep the joints loose and muscles strong. That five minute warmup and cool down won't make it. On the up and up Charlene Prickett is in her 50s and still does mid and high impact aeorobics and she didn't sustain that level of fitness by being foolish. Also notice that dancers and martial artists maintain their bodies throughtout their lives while most athletes seem to loose the exceptional fitness of their youth. So get this video and work that body!

Instructor Comments:
Kari has a reputation for being the most creative choreographer on video and the most graceful. And she is. No one moves as effortlessly as she does. Cathe and Gin are very "athletic" people and Karen Voight is a cross between the two. Kari is tall and has the ideal ectomorphic body of a ballerina without being anorexic. She really can teach. You don't have to feel intimidated. She won't let you. She's very encouraging to watch and listen to.

Jean L. Wakefield


This tape starts out with a standing warm up and stretch routine with some nice side stretches and lower body stretching plus you do a balancing pose found in yoga. The next section is done on the floor on all fours focusing on stretching and strengthening your back plus some lowerbody moves to elongate the muscles. The next section concentrates on outer thigh stretching and lowerbody strengthing, alot of the moves require strength and balance and you focus on using your abs throughout the whole tape. The next section is lowerbody strengthening. You lay on your side and raise and lower your top leg but it is done with slow controlled movements, then you straighten the top leg and raise and lower it but again very slowly. After you do that on both sides you do some ab work and lower back stretches followed by an outer thigh stretch done on both sides. Then you do quadracep work, this is very hard when you are sitting up very straight and concentrating on your abs. The next section is different variations of bridge work. This is hard even though you don't use any weights, I was very surprised! Then you go into some nice hamstring stretches. The next section focuses on inner thigh work laying on your back. Like Kari says, technique is everything in order to get the benefits of each exercise. Then you do more stretching, inner thigh, quadracep and hamstring and then you do a really nice chest stretch. The last section starts with ab roll ups, very slow and controlled and then you go into more stretches. Inner thigh, side stretches and back stretches. Next comes some yoga moves, downward facing dog, going down into plank pose then you do a move where you raise one leg up as you go back into downdog so you are elongating your whole body, very tough! Next are more stretches for you legs and then a standing side stretch and a standing outer thigh stretch that feels great!!! This is a great workout and like kari mentions through out the workout, always know where your abs are!!!!

Instructor Comments:
What can I say except that Kari is wonderful as usual in this tape. Kari loves to dance and it shows. She is very graceful in her movements and really motivating.

Dawn Henson


I love this workout, though it's one of the more difficult videos I've ever tried to describe. Previous reviewers have done a pretty good job of describing the exercises, so I'll include my own impressions here. Many of the movements in ALC are clearly inspired by yoga and Pilates, designed to develop core strength, grace, balance, and flexibility, yet the finished product is unlike anything else I've done.

The set is lovely--I especially enjoyed the candlelight at the end. The music is quiet and relaxing. Unlike Kari's other Great Moves videos, she is joined in ALC by a handful of other exercisers, who are all fit but represent a wide variety of body types. All of the production elements are simply excellent.

I think this video would be a wise choice if you're looking for a relaxing workout that will improve core strength and flexibility. Those who aren't yoga fans and who want something more than just a stretch video should definitely try it. If you're looking for a challenging flexibility tape, ALC is not as difficult as most yoga videos, but that wasn't really Kari's goal. This is a video about integrated movement, about training the body to work together in harmony. I'm frequently surprised to find I'm a little sore after doing this entire workout. Though it doesn't seem difficult, it's more challenging than you think.

Like Samantha, I found this video much more interesting than the Method videos, yet ALC left me with the same strong, tall feeling afterwards. I have been enjoying this workout throughout my pregnancy (I'm currently 5 months along)--there are relatively few modifications I need to make. Like Germaine, I find it very easy to break this tape down into several shorter workouts if I only have a short amount of time or if I want to use ALC after a cardio workout.

I highly recommend this video, and am anxious to see what Kari might come up with next. She just seems to get better and better all the time, respecting current trends while staying true to her exceptionally creative self.