Yoga Dance: Water

Sarina Condello
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Yoga

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Set: Blue wall decor, wooden floor
The intentional choice of Blue conveyed the Water theme as did the instructor's outfits.

Music: very pleasant instrumental with a New Age feel mostly guitar and sitar

Overall Description: Aerobic Combination of various Dance styles and Tai Chi without actual yoga contrary to the title and minimal expected flexibility or stretching contrary to the description of the workout.
Dance includes mostly simple to follow Salsa, Bellydance, Ballet, Hula, and side-to-side movements similar to NIA and Aero-chi with no TIFTTing.
Many of the moves were repeated in the 3 workouts which was a disappointment but each workout offered slightly different footage.

Chaptering: Three 21 minute complete workouts with separate chaptering for the warm-up, workout and cooldown for each all three workout

Warm ups averaged 9 minutes and entered low aerobic zone
Some similarities to Essential Stretch back rolls, Classical Stretch toe and foot compressions and Tantric Toning movements
Salsa and Bellydance hip rotations to energize the body
#2 had swimming moves for the Water theme

Workouts averaged 7 to 8 minutes and entered low-moderate aerobic zone
(suggest continuing during chapter breaks to recover)
Most of the more intense movements were side-to-side similar to NIA and Aero-chi, the bigger the move, the higher the intensity

Cooldowns averaged 5 minutes
#1 done standing with balance moves after backrolls
#2 and #3 done on the floor (didn't note anything unique in these)

Overall Intensity: mostly low but can enter moderate level aerobic zone especially during the middle of workouts #2 & 3

Major Complaints: Misleading Title
Repetive moves instead of each workout having fresh unique movements

Minor Complaints: sides weren't stretched evenly in the #2 Cooldown
Camera angles were off in Warmup #3 when she referred to the arms and camera remained on feet
(there may have been more similar imperfections I didn't notice)

Impressions: I really liked this feel good kind of workout more than I expected especially since I never ordered it and received it by mistake because the Fire DVDs had to be reproduced as they all had Water's workouts on them. I was pleasantly surprised Water was more aerobic than expected and I was relieved it was not yoga as implied by the title so if you only want yoga, pass. I see a real use for these workouts alone for a lower intensity day or as add ons for Warmups and Cooldowns.
Personally, I plan to try a 30 minute workout using my favorite segments:
the warmups from #2 & 3, the workout from #3 and the cooldown for #1
(no programming option noted like the Sharon Mann dvds but easy to switch from one to another using the menu)

Instructor Comments:
The Canadian Barefoot Dancer Sarina Condello was dressed in Blue flowing type outfits for the Water theme and barefoot as expected. Her voice was pleasant and cueing adequate.

Horsemom2/Barb S