Yin Yoga

Paul Grilley
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Yoga

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This wonderful, 2-disc set provides three 1 hour Yin session, 3 Yang sequences and 8 guided Yin yoga practices.

The hips and spine are the main focus in this workout. These deep, long held Yin postures are all done on the floor and work the connective tissues of the body. The Yang sequences provide more muscular endurance.

The Practices:


*Hip Series-70:00
*Spine Series-62:00
*Infant Series-63:00


*Flying Dragon-2:38
*Golden Seed-1:22
*Custom Yang Sequences

Special Features:

*Bonus Yin Practices

Paul sits and instructs while 4 students participate. Some of the poses are more advanced but all levels should be able to follow. The Yang practices blend theories of Chinese medicine. Disc 1 provides almost 2 hours of lectures and instructional material for learning the Yang sequences.

The workout is gentle and offers many benefits. If you are weak in the hips and/or spine, these sequences will stretch and strengthen that area efficiently.

Instructor Comments: