Warrior Workout-Kundalini Yoga

Ana Brett, Ravi Singh
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Yoga

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0:0:36 Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo and Meditation

0:3:26 Stomach Grind
0:5:16 Spine Flex while sitting on knees
0:7:23 Forearm Plank Pose
0:9:00 Spine Flex while sitting on knees (second time)
0:12:32 Flex back and forward with legs straight out in front
0:14:34 Hold one straight leg out and up with hand while doing breath of fire (one side at a time)
0: 18:56 Frog Pose
0:20:12 Crow Pose with breath of fire
0:21:26 Butterfly Pose
0:23:18 Meditate with legs straight out in front, arms supporting in back
0:23:50 Bridge Pose Up & Down slowly with the breath
0:26:46 Relaxation
0:27:30 Rolling with bent knees

Warrior Workout #1:
0:27:37 Walking in place with knees and arms raised
0:29:25 Down dog, heels up, plank, up dog series
0:32:12 Seated with one hand on knee, opposite arm out to the side (one side at time)
0:35:12 Seated with legs open, spine forward and back
0:36.21 Seated with legs open, press hands down into floor
0:37:12 Frog Pose
0:38:24 Kneeling on heels to kneeling upright, up and down
0:39:30 Down dog on fingers and toes with breath of fire
0: 40:46 Rest on stomach, chin on hands
0: 41: 16 Lie on stomach, arms stretched back on floor, move pelvis up and down
0:42: 31 Rest on stomach, chin on hands
0:42: 57 One-legged bow pose while rocking on stomach (one leg at a time)
0:44: 32 Double-legged bow pose while rocking on stomach
0:45:23 Relax on stomach moving hips back and forth followed by childís pose
0: 45:53 On back, legs and head up 6 inches, staring at toes, with breath of fire
0: 47: 30 On back, lift arms then legs, put down legs then arms with in-and-out breath (double legs at first, then single legs, one side at a time)
0: 50 :25 Rolling with knees bent

Warrior Workout #2:
0:50:46 Stand up and sit down without arms
0: 52:00 Stand, lift knees up with hand laced behind the back
0: 53:22 Stand on toes and lift arms overhead, hands spread with breath of fire
0: 54: 19 Stand, lift knees up with hands on shoulders, and lifting elbows
0: 55:45 Stand on toes and lift arms overhead, hands spread with breath of fire
0: 56:49 Seated, legs crossed, elbow back in fists, and punch one arm out at time with breath of fire
0: 58: 58 Seated, legs crossed, lace hands in front, and twist side to side with breath of fire
1: 01: 13 Seated on heals, lions breath, breath of fire (tongue out)

Deep Relaxation:
1: 04: 20 On back, arms and feet out to the side

Chant Meditation:
1: 07: 18 Har-Har-Har-Har

Closing Prayer:
1: 13: 51 Long Sat, Brief Nam, and dedications
1:14:47 End

Instructor Comments:
The workout is demonstrated by Ana while Ravi narrates in voice over format. This is typical of most RaviAna productions. Those who are RaviAna fans will also appreciate this practice. It is one of their more strenuous productions; however, so I recommend that beginners do this workout in parts and take advantage of recommended modifications. More experienced practitioners of intermediate level or higher will likely be able to complete the entire workout along with Ana. Itís possible that more advanced students will find some beneficial challenge, as well.

The setting is bright and music typical of the era for RaviAna productions. It was an enjoyable workout that can provide benefit for bone density and strength development, especially for the upper body. Practitioners would find value in performing the workout in parts or in its entirety. This practice is a nice addition to a RaviAna collection, offering variety from other their workouts, and building strength using kundalini focus and asanas.



I have been practicing yoga regularly for about four years, and found this dvd to be a wonderful addition to my practice. Most of the sequences are simple enough so that they can be attained by beginners, however, the length of the practice and the non stop pace makes for a vigorous workout. If you have not done a lot of yoga I would suggest starting with Ana & Ravis Yoga Total Tune Up or Beginners & Beyond. However, if you are a beginner, and like to feel a deep stretch and don't mind a few sore muscles, this is the yoga tape for you.

Instructor Comments:
Ana Brett & Ravi Singh are an an amazing team. In this particular workout she demonstrates, he instructs. Ravi Singhs voiceover is amazingly soothing. Ana Brett is strong and sleek and impeccable - a good "warrior"



I was not familiar with Kundalini yoga before I began this tape, so I was not prepared for how little poses were actually involved. This tape mainly focuses on a fast type of breathing, sort of like panting, while doing some very simple stretches and slight moves. The poses/moves were not challenging at all, and at the end of the dvd I just felt like I had hyperventilated, not stretched or worked out.

Instructor Comments:
The instructor's voice is calm and explanatory. The model doing the poses is lithe and moves through the poses very well.



I started Kundalini Yoga about 3 months ago and I fell in love with it. It's not like hatha yoga so to many people the moves look strange. What I like about it is that it has very specific sets (kriyas) and meditations for your body mind and soul. This workout is for energy and for cleansing your liver. This is my 3rd warrior workout. I have Gurmuhk Kaur Khalsa and Mantra Girl Advanced warrior workout. This DVD makes you sweat and you feel good afterwards. Here is the breakdown.
1. Tuning In
2. Meditation (very short)
3. warm-ups,(common to kundalini yoga classes
4. warrior workout which consists of frog squats, down dog up dog combo, walking with arms & legs moving. breath of fire with crow squat. back bends. sitting down and standing up with using your arms. (so hard to do!)
5. relaxtion.
6. mantra meditation.

I only have 2 complaints. I didn't like the music. So if you don't like it, go to sikhnet.com and find a version Har Har Govinda that you like. I like the one by Snatam Kaur. She is my favorite. My other complaint is that Ana looks like she is exercising in her underware. She is wearing a white tank top and short, shorts. I wish she more clothes on, BUT you do most of kundalini exercises with your eyes clothes so when she squats to do crow pose and breath of fire, my eyes are closed, thankfully. Otherwise get this DVD and start doing Kundalini Yoga, it will change your life.

Instructor Comments:
Ravi is off camera. Ana is very graceful.