Vinyasa Flow Yoga, The Body and Beyond (Session Two)

Seane Corn
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Yoga

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Iím reviewing this workout after doing it one version of the routine twice in the months that Iíve had it.

General workout breakdown: This DVD set contains three versions of the same routine: Long Form (85 min.), the full routine with lots of set up, instruction, and repetitions; Short Form (40 minutes), a shorter version of that routine with less set up / instruction / repetitions; and Breath Session, the long version with no instruction.
This is a vinyasa or power yoga-type workout, although Seaneís work with Iyengar and Iyengar-derived styles shows in her use of props and focus on proper alignment, etc. The practice begins seated but quickly moves up to standing for multiple series of Sun Salutations A and B (somewhat modified) and then many of the basic standing poses (in between vinyasa flows). It moves back down to the floor for a few gentle backbends and twists before ending with a reflection, meditation, and savasana. The moves flow together but arenít so fast that I couldnít follow; I also found her breath instruction was reasonable (some instructors leave me hyperventilating, while others assume you can inhale for a whole minute and then exhale over a minute and a half while doing vigorous poses).

Level: The cover says this is for beginners II / intermediate I, which Iíd take to mean experienced beginners through low intermediate, and Iíd agree. Since there are many sun salutations and variations on that theme, this might not be the best for someone with wrist or related issues. I consider myself a low intermediate in yoga; I have at least three years of experience but am still working on my flexibility and strength. I found this appropriate for my level, if moving toward easy.

Class: Seane alone.

Music: light Gaiam-issue instrumental music.

Set: interior space with dark walls; Seane is on a dark platform.

Production: Itís Gaiamís usual high quality picture and sound (and annoying intros).

Equipment: sticky mat (or equivalent) and two blocks. Seane is barefoot.

Space Requirements: You should be able to do a sun salutation without bumping into things and have a little space to each side.

DVD Notes: There are actually two DVDs here. Disc I has Vinyasa Long Form, Breathing Instructional (a 2 min. tutorial on ujjai, or yoga breath), and Body Prayer (a 3 1/2 min. segment in which Seane in ďstreet clothesĒ discussing how the artistic expression of yoga is a prayeróor conscious movement put out into the universe). Disc II has Vinyasa Short Form and Breath Session.

Conclusion: This would be great for someone looking to complement their beginning power yoga class with an at home practice. I got it to help me focus on my breath, which it can do, but this practice either has too much elementary instruction or none at all, and I need something in between right now.
I donít have the first Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Uniting Movement and Beyond (Session One), which is for Beginners I, so I canít compare the two.
I have to admit that one of the reasons Iím getting rid of this, besides the fact it had at least one sun salutation too many for my tastes, is that I decided I could show off (to whom Iím not sure) while doing this DVD, and I lightly pulled something in my lower back. Therefore itís been hard to convince myself to pull it out again, even though I know my almost injury was my own fault, not Seaneís.

Instructor Comments:
Seane comes across as caring and intelligent. She talks a lot (Gee, you never could guess sheís been a student of Bryan Kest), but itís all about instruction, form tips, breathing, etc. She cues moves well and doesnít forget about the breathóbut she doesnít mirror cue. Seane considers the practice as a ďdivine dance,Ē a prayer to God (or the deity/deities of your choice), or at least a conscious, purposeful time; but during the practice itself she focuses on the asanas.