True Yoga

Leanne Hall
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga

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True Yoga is a 2 disc set that offers 3 different classes.

Beginner-52 minutes
Intermediate-46 minutes
Advanced-77 minutes


Sitting in cross legged position, you'll begin with breathing and prepare yourself for the practice. Child's pose relaxes you as you continue to breathe deeply. Leanne then brings you into a cow/cat sequence to open the spine and chest. Down dog is next which will stretch your lower body especially the deep muscles of the hamstrings. Moving into forward fold, allowing shoulders to hang and body to relax. Roll up to standing. Next up is the sun salutation sequences. (the beginner practice is all modified) Leanne moves at a good pace for a beginning practice. Slow & deliberate you'll focus on the breath and the deep stretch. Leanne demonstrates many modifications and also ways to work deeper as you gain more experience from the practice. Adding on Warrior 1 then Chair/Prayer twist. Next is a Warrior twist. (blocks are often used to demonstrate modified poses) Groin stretch into crescent lunge. Repeat sun salutation and then repeat the added on poses to other side. Warrior 2 is the next pose. Alignment cues are given to help you master the pose. Side angle follows. Next up is triangle. A deep hamstring stretch (pyramid pose) then revolving triangle follow the triangle pose. Rest in child's pose before repeating other side. Balancing poses are shown next. Tree pose and one legged moves will challenge your balance. Eagle pose, 1/2 moon and airplane are also demonstrated. Do another sun salute before heading to the floor. Rest on your back before moving onto abdominal conditioning. Boat pose modified then into modified bridge. After a few more bridges, Leanne takes you into shoulder stand. Roll into sitting position-Breathe. Groing stretch is next followed by a split stretch for hamstrings. 1/2 pigeon is next. Following is seated forward fold. Spinal stretch while lying on your back finishes the session. Relax into shivasanah, final relaxation pose.


The intermediate and advanced sessions really heat things up. Leanne will introduce many advanced poses. Lots of levels are demonstrated within each pose (if applicable). Side planks will tone & tighten your upper body. Crow pose will enhance your balance & develop arm strength. Leanne demonstrates wrap poses in the advanced session that many may have to work up to. The advanced class is 77 minutes and you'll need to be advanced to do some of the poses. (if you are advanced and have been looking for the perfect class at home then this may be what you are looking for).

Instructor Comments:
Leanne offers great form pointers throughout the session. The music is by Krisha Das. You can see clips at