Transformation thru Kundalini Yoga

April Bernardi
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

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Production: Very pretty with hardwood floors, potted plants and tan curtains.

The workout is set up with the following chapters:

*Surya Namaskar Sun Salutations
*40 Minute Complete Practice
*20 Minute Strengthening Practice

Surya Namaskar Sun Salutations:
Here, April goes into detailed instruction for the sun salutations she'll be using. She instructs while Stacy demonstrates the moves. This is just instructional and has no music. (you can skip this segment as needed)

40 Minute Complete Practice:
April begins with an opening mantra. Next, to warm you up, April runs through the sun salutations. (these have some long holds, up to 5 breaths, allowing for a deeper stretch) After performing the sun salutations several times, April lies on her back and begins moving legs in and out vigorously. Then sitting with legs wide, you'll stretch to one leg and flow up and down over the leg with the breath. Then you'll perform this to alternate sides. Next you'll perform deep abdominal breathing. Then in easy pose you'll lift the knees and extend one arm behind you. (you'll keep repeating with each arm and alternating breathing) Remaining in easy pose you'll rotate side to side over each knee. Next flex spine forward then slouch back at a steady rhythmic pace. Side to side rotations with arms up at 90 degrees follows. Flapping your arms up and down as they are held out to the sides is next. (then move the arms to the front and do the same movement) Large arm circles with chant is next. April then stands up and begins squatting up and down, again with chant. You'll finish with a relaxing corpse pose.

20 Minute Strengthening Practice:
This set includes sun salutations to warm the body and active core work. (you'll constantly be moving the legs in multiple variations to hit all areas of the abdominals & tone your legs) You'll conclude with corpse.

Instructor Comments:

You can see beautiful clips of both of April's new workouts over at