Trailer Park Yoga

Susan Powter
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Yoga

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Trailer Park Yoga is the latest exercise video by Susan Powter. It is one hour of very un-medatative, aggressive yoga. This is not yoga you are used to, very physical with lots of grunts and groans by Susan. She has changed quite a bit, (long pink extensions in her hair, lots of tatoos, and very openly gay now), but very informative and always reminding you of breathing and form. This is for the mid level to advanced exerciser. Extremely sore the next day. I believe this is only available on her website at Different way of thinking of yoga. The style takes a couple of times to get used to, but very effective.

Instructor Comments:
Excellent instructor, although a little in-your-face, same as always from Susan.

Robin Feltner